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4.5 of 5 stars
Love it
by Jade written 13 days ago
Everything has been amazing, I’m able to use each product and love making new recipes with them.
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Love it
by Donna written last month
I look forward to getting my box every month. I love all the products. It's so much fun to open it.
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by Becky written 2 months ago
Took forever to get my November box. Got it in the middle of December. Now wondering when my December will come.
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Love it
by Tammy written 2 months ago
I absolutely love,my boxes. I missed November because I moved and didn't,update my address in time, but I have been happy month after,month and look forward to the surprises my box holds.
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Unhappy customer
by Sheila written 2 months ago
Not happy about recieving AFTER the holuday. Just recieved the Thanksgiving one recently. So is Christmas box coming AFTER Christmas?? If this is how you do business, I don't recommend anyone order these boxes. I expected to get them before holidays so I could have new recipes, treat ideas, before hand.
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Usually great fun!
by Alison written 2 months ago
Great customer service, my shirt exchange was awesome. My first few boxes exceeded my expectations! The jewelry and aprons are really high quality. I know that people had complained that the boxes weren't as tool/flavor/baking focused as they wanted, so we started receiving more things like spatulas and deco tips and towels and things. I really liked the boxes the way they were before. As a baker I already HAVE most of these things. I don't even know how many spatulas I have anymore. I joined because I love all the fun jewelry and shirts and aprons and things. There was even talk of leggings (which I haven't yet seen) that I was excited for. I like the flavor of the month additions. The cookie cutters seem like kind of a cop-out, but they're cute. I was pretty disappointed with the December box though. Three cookie cutters, an oven mitt and two towels, peppermint flavoring, a small sample of chocolate chai tea, a kitchen timer, and some santa cupcake liners. It may seem like a lot, but I feel like it was much less than even $40 worth of stuff, let alone the supposed $114 they claimed it was. Don't get me wrong, it's nice stuff, but I feel like I'll probably just give most of it away as Christmas presents. I get really excited when I get the email that my box is on its way, and I was extra excited for December, maybe that's why I felt a little let down. I love the concept of these boxes but I feel I might start getting bored with it. I loved the first two or three boxes I got and I'm hoping that the next few are a bit more exciting. I'm proud to be a baker and the fun jewelry and things that show that off are the things I love most. Maybe I'll just get myself a little treat from the online store every month. Giving it a couple more tries because of how much I loved my initial boxes. The company itself is amazing. Maybe a split into an accessory box and a tool box would work. Just my two cents.
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Very good customer service!
by Cindy written 2 months ago
They responded right away and took care of my issue! Very easy to work with! I wish I knew how to delete my negative feedback!
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Box coming soon?
by PamelaCarnley written 3 months ago
The last box I received was the Halloween box. I have not recieved one this month. I know it's paid for. Is there a hold up for some reason?
Fun Boxes - GREAT customer service
by Tracy written 5 months ago
These boxes are so much fun to get - one never knows what will be in them - I got a t-shirt a tad too small and the exchange was very easy - they are replacing the t-shirt in my next box that is coming - very fast friendly service!
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by Lori written 5 months ago
T shirt too small wish I could get a different one!!
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