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3.9 of 5 stars
by Yvonne written yesterday
I have been charged for 2 boxes and haven't received one box in the mail yet. I cannot rate what I do not have. I am waiting for a response back from customer support about the status of the August box. I am only giving one star in order to submit this review.
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August Baking Box
by Carol written 4 days ago
This box wasn't worth the money, not much in it for baking. I have also been charged to my credit card without authorization from me. It says you can cancel anytime, but it shows in my account I don't have a subscription with them. I expect a refund for this amount, Would not recommend this monthly baking box to anyone.
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I wanted to love this
by Susan written 4 days ago
I was very happy with what I got on my free trial box that’s not the issue. The issue is that I didn’t authorize them to take money out of my account and I never signed up for a subscription. The site shows “cancel anytime”, good luck! When I click on subscriptions it says I don’t have one to cancel. SMH. Tried to message the seller and I get unknown error so that doesn’t work either. Such a bummer. Disputing the charge with my bank.
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by Lea written May 14, 2018
Have emailed them several times about shirt size and still keep getting the wrong size even though they say it’s been changed. Don’t get a response from them in a timely manner either. Last time I had to email them 2 time before I got a response and then they said they would respond in 24 hrs and almost a month later I email again to see if they had an answer. Very disappointing to pay for things I can’t use.
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Change in Previous Rating
by Gayle written Apr 11, 2018
Received Quick Response to my earlier post regarding non-authorized post to Credit Card. Charge Reversed.
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Charged w/o Authorization
by Gayle written Apr 11, 2018
On 3/15 I was Charged on my charge card for a subscription I did not authorize nor that I want to continue. When I go into active Subscriptions, there are none to cancel, but yet I am being charged? Asking to refund my account ending in ****. Will wait for reply... If I do not hear from them or see a credit on my next billing statement, I will contact said credit company with a dispute. Not my first issue here. Ugh!
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by PamelaCarnley written Mar 24, 2018
I recieved my last box last week. It was a repeat of a box. I am hoping there will not be any repeats in my next box.
Duplicate box
by Annah written Mar 21, 2018
I signed up for a 12 month subscription to Happy Bakers Club for 2 of my employees in December. They received their first box Dec. 26, which was great. Their second box came at the end of January, and these boxes were exactly the same as the first. I contacted the company twice about this and have yet to hear from someone. My employees also did not receive their boxes in February. Still haven't heard from Happy Bakers Club! Definitely disappointed with this company!
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I’ve canceled my subscription and still
by Melody written Mar 20, 2018
I’ve canceled my subscription and I’m still being charged
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by Abby written Mar 16, 2018
I signed up for this box with every inch of me anticipating new things to bake. A month after subscribing, I still have not gotten my first box. I inquired with CS about this is and was told my box would be shipped the next day. The next day I received a full refund without explaination. I did not ask for a refund, merely the product I paid for. Very disappointed with my first cratejoy experience.
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