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Don't order
by Becky written Sep 21, 2018
I never received anything. I paid for a year and got zero items!!!
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Not a Happy Baker
by Debbi written Sep 17, 2018
I'm trying to cancel the subscription that they say is "easy to cancel, just a few clicks!" - but a few clicks from where? Logging in shows no active subscriptions and no payment method to remove to avoid new shipments. But *someone* has that info, because my card is charged and the subscription I apparently don't have keeps coming. No issue with receipt of the boxes, though they take a very long time to reach me once my card has been charged. There's very little in the box that I want/need. I don't wear jewelry, and I don't need t-shirts. I would just really like to know how to cancel my account.
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Where is my second box???
by Nancy written Sep 14, 2018
I paid for 3 months. Rec'd the August one and loved it. It is now Sept. 13th and my 2nd box is not here!!! Please let me know when I can expect shipment before I call bank and cancel entire amount.
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Where is my order
by Kristyn written Sep 08, 2018
My order was supposed to ship on the 5th, it’s now the 8th. This is a gift. I sent an email, no answer. I should have read the other reviews before ordering. If I don’t hear back from someone by tomorrow I am contacting my bank.
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Never received
by Becky written Sep 06, 2018
Zero items received. Very dissatisfied
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by Marilyn written Sep 05, 2018
I’ve received one box and loved it. I’m still waiting for Box #2. I ordered it in June, it’s now September.
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by Yvonne written Aug 18, 2018
I have been charged for 2 boxes and haven't received one box in the mail yet. I cannot rate what I do not have. I am waiting for a response back from customer support about the status of the August box. I am only giving one star in order to submit this review.
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August Baking Box
by Carol written Aug 16, 2018
This box wasn't worth the money, not much in it for baking. I have also been charged to my credit card without authorization from me. It says you can cancel anytime, but it shows in my account I don't have a subscription with them. I expect a refund for this amount, Would not recommend this monthly baking box to anyone.
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I wanted to love this
by Susan written Aug 15, 2018
I was very happy with what I got on my free trial box that’s not the issue. The issue is that I didn’t authorize them to take money out of my account and I never signed up for a subscription. The site shows “cancel anytime”, good luck! When I click on subscriptions it says I don’t have one to cancel. SMH. Tried to message the seller and I get unknown error so that doesn’t work either. Such a bummer. Disputing the charge with my bank.
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by Lea written May 14, 2018
Have emailed them several times about shirt size and still keep getting the wrong size even though they say it’s been changed. Don’t get a response from them in a timely manner either. Last time I had to email them 2 time before I got a response and then they said they would respond in 24 hrs and almost a month later I email again to see if they had an answer. Very disappointing to pay for things I can’t use.
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