A personalized sheet mask subscription!

$11.99+ / month

Subscriber Reviews

5.0 of 5 stars
Awesome masks
by Elaina written last year
I love these masks! They are catered to your skin type and there are twelve in a box!!
by Nellie written last year
Love the masks
Great Masks!
by Natalie written last year
This subscription is exactly what it says it is. All the masks look awesome the one that’s for eyes only is extra cute !
by Roxann written last year
Got my first package today. Awesome variety. Can't wait to try everything.
by Lori written last year
Received shipment quickly...great mask selection...This is a keeper for me
Very nice masks, Very quick delivery.
by Nicole written last year
I ordered the free trial (just pay shipping). The masks arrived quickly (within a couple of days), and they are very good quality masks. The packaging is clean, fresh, and looks like something I want to put on my face and skin. The packaging definitely reflects the quality of the masks themselves. So happy right now!
The Best!!!!
by Michelle written last year
If you're looking for the best sheet mask box company FMT is the IT!! Highest quality sheet mask you can get they will customize what fits your needs me personally I chose "combination" but I am also a woman A woman of particular age So I prefer anti-aging and moisturizing and brightly so all you have to do is contact them and they will help you out with that, for me I've tried a lot of masks box companies but nobody can beat FMT!!!
by HAE written last year
The subscription to FMT has made the ONE SHEET MASK PER NIGHT practice much easier for maintaining the skin healthy through the changing seasons and frequent travels. Delighted with the high quality products delivered on time!
Five Stars!!!
by Jooyoung written last year
I have sensitive, acne prone skin. I've been using them regularly for last three months and I can see a substantial difference in the appearance of my skin. I feel that my skin feels smooth and better after I take the mask off. I noticed better pores and clear skin. I am going to keep using them. Highly recommend!
Absolutely recommend these face sheets
by sangshin written last year
I love these face mask. These are quality masks that leave my skin so fresh and hydrated. I can feel an immediate difference when I start to use them. also, it did not cause any negative reaction neither. Shipping was super duper faster !!!.
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