The Hymn Box - Beloved Music of Peace, Power and Strength - Calming, Light Piano by Dave Cornwall, Jazz Piano

Now For Everyday Inspiration...Uplifting and Peaceful Songs of Faith For Relaxation and Renewal!

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Uplifting Music of Faith and Encouragement
The Hymn Box™ is a monthly subscription music devotional. It is a truly powerful collection of the most special & engaging songs of the church. Each monthly delivery includes 1 album & 4 new and unique faith-based resources. Warm and uplifting! For Sunday or any day! CD or digital.
  • Completely instrumental...light, solo piano with a sometimes warm and wonderful "Charlie Brown Christmas" type of feel. This collection of traditional hymns includes Blessed Assurance, Amazing Grace, Precious Lord Take My Hand, Only Believe, How Great Thou Art, Let There Be Peace On Earth, Holy, Holy, Holy, Great is Thy Faithfulness, His Eye is On The Sparrow...and many others!
  • In addition, your subscription box will include 4 very special and worthwhile items of faith, beginning with a Devotional Hymn Card, an inspiring and educational special keepsake of Bible scriptures that relate directly to the scriptural themes behind the great songs of faith. -
  • Each month’s Words to Know – Words to Remember card nicely captures in only a few words the timeless devotional meaning of each album’s included hymns. Both fun and thought provoking!
  • Hymn Box Believers is for the faithful who want to connect, discuss and share with other believers online. The church’s great hymns often raise issues related to the real struggles of life. Accordingly, Hymn Box Believers offers subscribers an online venue to connect and discuss in a safe and personal way the real life trials and tribulations of the world today. All in all, some very special places for like-minded Christians to converge, encourage, connect, and unite in faith, fellowship, and hope!
  • Finally, there’s His Words – His Music….the complete lyrics of each included hymn. Why? Well, that’s easy! Sometimes it’s just too hard to make out all the words when many are singing together! And, the great hymns of the church do contain some truly touching “poetic” verses that truly do add to their meaning. Albums included in your Hymn Box Subscription are Just Him - Just Me, Coming With Clouds, Not to Be Served But To Serve, The Holy Lullabies, And In That Day, In Weakness I Am Strong, And in Three Days, and For the Faithful - At Christmas!

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Photo of undefined current box Coming With Clouds

Coming With Clouds

For when times are tough, and the world seems confusing and even upside down, there's Coming With Clouds, a brand new creation from Dave Cornwall, Jazz Piano. Renditions of the traditional music of the church in an all new, relaxing, yet inspirational and engaging style.

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Q: What do senior citizens think of this box? I'm wondering if it would make a nice gift for a relative and an older friend?Asked by Marie H., August 2020

The Hymn Box - Beloved Music of Peace, Power and Strength - Calming, Light Piano by Dave Cornwall, Jazz Piano answered...August 2020

The Hymn Box is often given as a gift to a grandparent, parent, or older friend. It's certainly a very unique gift and older people like it very much. First, "they don't have it already" and it's perfect for that "hard to shop for" person. Second, the uplifting and familiar hymn music really does fill a true and often unspoken need in people's spiritual lives in a very, very nice and even unexpected way.


Q: Will this have the sheet music of the hymns?Asked by Brandy O., April 2020

The Hymn Box - Beloved Music of Peace, Power and Strength - Calming, Light Piano by Dave Cornwall, Jazz Piano reviewsReviews

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3 reviews

Beautiful hymns!

Sep 20, 2020
Kim B.
3 Reviews

These hymns are so relaxing and calming. Very peaceful and lovely. The sound quality and music itself is wonderful! Cannot recommend this enough. I have it for myself, but it would be a fantastic gift!


Sep 18, 2020
Rene L.
2 Reviews
1 Helpful Vote

Absolutely beautiful music that I am so grateful to have in my home. With how hard the world is, it’s comforting to be brought back into remembering who is really in control and His great love for all of us. Dave Cornwall is so talented and puts his heart into all his music. Thank you so much for this!

Hymn Box review

Sep 07, 2020
Bridget S.
12 Reviews
4 Helpful Votes

As a music lover this unique subscription box was perfect for me. The beautiful hymns played on piano were so relaxing to listen to. I loved listening to this month's hymn compilation “In Weakness I Am Strong!” I listened to it while I was studying and also to relax and fall asleep. It was a perfect compilation to pray and meditate to. All ages can enjoy this subscription box! I am a college student and I love Hymn Box! Dave Cornwall is extremely talented and a joy to listen to.

Past boxes from The Hymn Box - Beloved Music of Peace, Power and Strength - Calming, Light Piano by Dave Cornwall, Jazz Piano

Just Him - Just Me

Just Him - Just Me

Ready for some alone time with the great Alpha and Omega? The creator of all things? Just Him - Just Me is a wonderful new friend for that journey! It's for that time that we all could really use to re-connect, reflect, and renew! Just Him - Just Me is in fact God's new music for our every day. Light yet also powerful music carrying both the messages and the power to invigorate, inspire, and renew.

The Holy Lullabies

The Holy Lullabies

For believers looking for relaxation, there's The Holy Lullabies! Who could use some relaxing time in the company of some divinely inspired "light as a feather" piano music? Whether the aim is to decompress after a stressful day, lull a newborn to sleep with some Godly music, comfort a loved one maybe struggling with Alzheimer's or dementia sun downing, or just have some time to re-connect with the great Alpha and Omega, this album is for you! All traditional hymns.

For The Faithful - At Christmas!

For The Faithful - At Christmas!

For the Faithful - At Christmas! is a light, jazz-inspired and powerful album of the truly timeless "Christian" songs of Christmas. The album is wonderfully crafted for people who want to truly experience both the peacefulness and power of this very special season. Album to be sent for the holidays if not received already!

Not to Be Served But to Serve

Not to Be Served But to Serve

Not To Be Served but to Serve is a moving and tender light jazz piano album that paints, using strokes of harmony & interpretation, the true essence of both service and sacrifice, beginning with the Divine sacrifice and penance for all of mankind. A wonderful album of both reflection and also tribute to all who serve.

In Weakness I Am Strong

In Weakness I Am Strong

This original album presents new and previously unreleased arrangements, not necessarily meant for worship, or even singing. No, these songs are specially offered and presented for reflection, relaxation, and connecting even deeper with the ultimate source of both peace and, strength. In Weakness I Am Strong is the second deeply peaceful and relaxing lullaby album from Dave Cornwall. Like the first, it is based on all original arrangements.

Merry Christmas, America!  The "Unofficial" Christmas Album of The United States of America

Merry Christmas, America! The "Unofficial" Christmas Album of The United States of America

Merry Christmas, America! is a moving and inspired album for our current difficult times of confusion, distrust and dissension. A proudly faith-centered, patriotic and sincerely hopeful recording, Merry Christmas, America! is presented humbly, with a freshly renewed and genuinely heartfelt wish for a Merry Christmas, for all, from "sea to shining sea!"

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