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High quality Kratom - natural herbal supplements - extracts

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Medical Grade Botanicals
by ANISH written 6 months ago
This stuff is like taking vicodin or hydrocodone. This is high quality herbal pain relief.
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by Eric written 6 months ago
Was very surprised to find Kratom for this price. I have been paying more than double and the quality is just as good if not better than my local shops. Highly recommend 👍
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by Lori written last year
Seaweed products have helped the most to reduce the redness and inflammation in my cheeks.
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by Roxann written last year
The seaweed set has been my favorite so far. Soap, bath salts body cream. Looking forward to what comes next.
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by Colleen written 2 years ago
For $25 I got 4 products, 2 full size products, 1 soap, and bath soak. Not sure that I feel that they are each worth $6.25 each. I also subscribed to BOMI box in which i got 8 full size products, 4 full size products, 3 masks, 1 eyebrow pencil and another sample. Personally I feel like I'm getting a better bang for my buck with the other box. That's less than $4 each.
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