The Personalized Tea Subscription

The Personalized Tea Subscription

by Free Your Tea
Get or Give Tea Tailored to Taste with the Personalized monthly premium loose leaf tea subscription

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Free your tea

Jul 01, 2020
Kim C.
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I can not give this a full review because I cancelled after the sampler. I did really like this package however the downsides for me was mostly the price. I would have liked a smaller amount so it would have been less expensive. I loved the rating system and how they would try to get you the teas you like best just thought was on the high side. I also wish they would do the sampler pack after you give the preferences and then send a couple of your preferences along with some similar kinds of teas that way you love the samples or can see if they taste as good as you know they are then as you start getting what you already like they can give you a sample each time to try or something like that. I love how it is done just was not fond of sampler flavors and I think it will be too expensive especially if they send one i dont like and i am stuck with that much tea. Like it but i am gonna pass for now. Try it see what you think i say.

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Free Your Tea said...Jul 01, 2020

Thank you for your review, and all the things you liked! The reason we don't personalize the initial sampler is that we want the sampler to have very different teas for people to rate so we can better personalize their future shipments using those ratings and their preferences. Not everyone knows if they like for example pu-erh or white teas, and others think they don't like green tea only to realize they actually do like SOME green teas. We hope you'll come back and try the personalization too. Happy tea drinking!