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Freestone Fly Fishing

Oct 02, 2018
Deanne N.
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The flies were good, however the company advertises as a Canadian company, but the prices are in US dollars. End of the day the products you get are too expensive. I’ve cancelled and will be heading to a local Canadian fly shop and buy custom flies for cheaper and get exactly what I want!

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Freestone Fly Fishing Company said...Oct 02, 2018

We totally sympathize with your frustrations Deanne. Even though we operate in USD, we feel our subscription still has value to our Canadian customers - especially with the selection of monthly items and memberships that accompany the flies. We're thrilled that you feel so strongly about supporting Canadian business, we also strive to keep our business as local as possible. Whether it be artists, specially curated items, or conservation groups - the dollars spent at our store trickle down many avenues of our local economy. Thank you for being such a thoughtful consumer, and as always, tight lines!