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Replacement needes

Feb 18, 2020
Tara B.
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Sad to open my box and see this...

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Fresh Baked Cookie Crate said...Feb 19, 2020

Hi Tara! Unfortunately due to COVID-19 mail handlers are not handling our packages properly. We apologize that your spoon rest came broken and we immediately offered a replacement at our own expense.

Hi Tara! We are super sorry for the confusion. The circles are there as a guide to where to place the cookies to keep them from touching each other, for cookies that don't spread (like macarons), and as a general idea on how big they would be after baking. The circles on the baking mat are 2 inches in size. Since batter spreads and rises as they bake, a 1" to 1.5" ball (depending on the recipe) will spread to fill out those circles.

Dec recipe was mailed out incorrectly

Dec 14, 2019
Katie L.
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Disappointed. This was my first box. While I was making it, the batter never looked quite right. Too runny. Cookies ended up spreading out in oven and making a cookie pancake. Looked nothing like pic. Turns out, recipe was incorrect. The company sent a letter in mail alerting customers on 12/7, but I didn’t get it in mailbox until a week later. So it was way too late. I feel like the company should send us a complimentary box since we couldn’t even make the correct recipe.

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Fresh Baked Cookie Crate said...Dec 14, 2019

HI Katie. Due to the error by our printing company, we sent out the incorrect recipe. We tried our best to fix the situation by immediately emailing our customers, twice. We also posted on all of three our social media accounts, our website, as well as sent out the mailed letter that you received. In all those letters we apologized for the error. We also included our email address and asked you to contact us so we can rectify the problem. We have not received an email or message from you and are saddened that you would give us a 2 star rating before giving us a chance to fix things. We will always fix any errors if given the chance. For your inconvenience, we...

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