Bath & Spa Lather & Lotions Box
A premium bath and spa subscription box, delivered monthly!

$24.95+ / month

Subscriber Reviews

5.0 of 5 stars
by Dimi written 9 days ago
I work hard every day and do not ever buy myself these kind of pampering items. I love soaking in the tub and this sub box makes it absolutely heaven.
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Handmade Awesome
by Front written 9 days ago
The Bath & Spa Monthly Gift Box has been amazing!!!! I love the variety of items and the fragrances are fabulous. If these boxes keep coming the they are I will definitely renew.
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by Rachel written 24 days ago
I am cautious when it comes to "handmade" products in a sub box. I have been burned before. A friend recommended this box to me and I will have to say after 3 months this is the best soap subscription box ever. She changes it up each month and the themes are great. The box arrives when it is supposed to and everything has been in good condition. I look forward to each month and will renew.
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by Paul written 24 days ago
I got this gift box for my wife for Christmas. She keeps bugging me to write a review. She loves it. The day the mailman brought the this months box I thought she was going to kiss him (I got the kiss) All I can say is she has enjoyed everything, loves getting the box, and I fell it was a great value.
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by Jeanne written last month
I just love this sub, Feb's box is great.
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OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Dimi written last month
I have been getting this sub box for several months now and unlike others that I have gotten this box had not cheapened off. Others have started great and as time goes on it is like they run out of money. Just received the February's box and I love the theme and the fragrance. The golden heart bath fizzies are really special. The compact mirror was a nice addition.
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Love this crate!
by Gabrielle written 2 months ago
My husband got me a subscription to this crate for Christmas. I've received two so far (December and January) and can't say enough about it, as a super busy mom of three I don't often take the time to buy specialty items just because. I take baths often to relax and all of the items I've used so far have been great. The box may look small from the outside but it is absolutely packed with goodies and the packaging is so well done. I love that a little treat is included and there's items like candles and lotions, not just things to add to a bath. I even got a tiny bottle of nail polish, so fun! I have a 6 month subscription, if the boxes continue to be this great I will be renewing for sure.
by Paul written 2 months ago
I continued this subscription to get the Christmas Box for my wife. Glad I did she loved it. I will renew another 3 months.
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by Mich written 2 months ago
This subscription is the best I have received. The items are full size and great. Everything is very good quality and I have loved everything each month. Definitely will be renewing,
I Love the Fragrance
by Rachel written 2 months ago
I love the "Tahiti Oil" fragrance in the January box. The snowflake with sparkle candle is a special addition. It is all wonderful. I would highly recommend this subscription to any one who.
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