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Apr 12, 2021
Rebekah M.
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If you want to spend money on a couple of printed recipes and some food coloring then this box is for you! Not impressed.

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Kids Baking Club said...Apr 12, 2021

Hi Rebekah Myers, We are very surprised by your feedback.
You misrepresented our Baking Kits completely which is unfair to future interest.
Our baking kits are not just a "couple recipes and some food coloring". The Baking Kit you received included 5 step-by-step photo recipes, baking lessons, printed instruction card, 3 collectible holiday cookie cutters, 2 high-intensity food colors, piping bags with bands, holiday stickers and cupcake toppers with picks. Also, it included access to our online video tutorials and dietary modifications AND a FREE eCookbook with 15 holiday cookie recipes.
We also want you to know we are a process-learning baking kit. It would be easy to throw in one recipe and some packets of mix, but that does not teach the kids AND...


Dec 26, 2020
Amanda S.
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I thought the kits comes with everything need to make the cookies but it doesn't.

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Kids Baking Club said...Dec 26, 2020

Hi Amanda, We are a Teachable Baking Kit. We have many reasons for not being a MIX kit. Our goal is for kids to LEARN the art of baking and decorating. We are sad that you did not read our description of our mission and not look at the many photos to let you know what is in included in our baking kits.
It would be easy to throw bags of ingredients to make one recipe (there are wonderful kits on Cratejoy that do that), but we want kids to learn, read, measure, collect the ingredients and build confidence knowing THEY made something amazing on their own.
We also don't include ingredients as we know many kids have dietary restrictions as all our recipes include dietary...