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  • Renewing subscriptions usually ship in the first half of the month. New subscriptions ship up to a week after purchase. Subscriptions bought after the cut-off for the month (the 21st or 22nd) ship in the following month.
  • Ships worldwide from United States except for select countries
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
About Game Box Monthly
Game Box Monthly delivers unique and great board games of all kinds from many different publishers. When you sign up, we'll ask about your preferences and what games you already have, so we can always send you something new and awesome!
  • Never receive a game you already own!
  • Receive games tailored to your preferences!
  • Discover great new games from all corners of the board game world!
  • Always have something new and awesome to bring to the table of your next game night!
Subscriber Reviews
1.7 of 5 stars
May Game Box Monthly Review: Paradise Fallen
by Sarah Ragsdale written 2 years ago
Excited to unbox the board game Paradise Fallen in this month's Game Box Monthly!
Full Review
Pay Extra for Discount Games!
by TD written 4 months ago
I received this as a gift and still had to pay for shipping. For what you get just save your money and go to any good game store and rummage through their discount bin and you'll get better titles than what they've sent us. These guys clearly don't know or care anything about gaming they just want your money. When we tried to cancel they ended up charging us for 3 more months. And what we got was games I could buy for $15 but I paid with shipping over $45. I hope word gets out that these guys are garbage!
Over priced, uninteresting games
by JodieCrowe-Bergman written 5 months ago
I first subscribed with a Groupon coupon that got me, I think 40% off for the first 3 months. The games that we received were all valued at $15 or under and none of the games were the type my Husband and I would enjoy. Our kids did like 1 or 2 of the games, but we got the subscription for us, not them. What is more frustrating is that we actually took the time to update our profile with our current game inventory, not only to avoid getting duplicates, but to let them know what type of games we were interested in. It would not appear that they actually review this when selecting the games. At first I though they were sending us cheaper games, because we did not pay full price for the subscription (Groupon). But when I forgot to cancel and was billed $74 PLUS S&H for another 3 months, I was expecting to start receiving games valued at $25 or more. After all isn't that the point of a blind box? You get to be surprised and usually get a better value for your mystery game! Umm no, the value of the games you get is $15-$20. So you are paying higher than sticker price for a lame game that you are unlikely to even play. Save your money and just buy the games you actually want.
by Josh written 6 months ago
Want to pay 30 dollars for a subscription worth less than 15? Order up!
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