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Geek Chic Monthly

Awesome geeky jewelry and accessories in a collectible box with a different theme every month!!

$15.00+ / month
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  • Mid month
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
FOR QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS PLEASE CONTACT ME AT GEEKCHICMONTHLY@GMAIL.COM - FYI: We bill a month in advance. If you place your order between MARCH 5th-15th, you are preordering APRIL'S - ALICE IN WONDERLAND (MADNESS) box. Boxes will not ship until the middle of APRIL. 
Subscriber Reviews
4.6 of 5 stars
SO disappointed - I canceled after 1 box
by Amy written today
Let me preface this by saying that I subscribe to a LOT of different types of boxes and they do vary in cost and value. But even in ones that are so-so, I always like at least a couple things in them. I saw the outside of my 1st Geek Chic box and was excited! Princess Bride!! Then I opened it. Wow. After seeing the sample pictures online (especially the Star Wars one), I'm absolutely shocked at the lack of quality I received. I signed up solely because I've would've been happy with ANY of the Star Wars items, and because I liked at least a couple items in every other sample box picture. There was nothing I liked enough in this set, nothing that stood out at all to make me happy I ordered it. The name card was funny - but it's just a card, I can't use it for anything, AND I've seen it online before. Nothing felt unique or artsy. I'm a HUGE Princess Bride fan and this was a big let down for my first order. It was NOT even close to being worth $15. Everything was super cheap looking, and, well, ordinary. What happened to items like the Star Wars and Jack Skellington bracelets?! There's nothing even half that cool in this set. I feel completely ripped off. My first box is my last. :(
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Cute boxes; slow deliveries!
by Theresa written 21 days ago
I have paid for four boxes, and received two. I'm not sure if I joined at an "off" point or what? I got my feb. Box today (3/6), so I'm hoping my March box is a bit more timely. The boxes themselves are cute as can be. I hate I missed HP, which was the ONLY reason I joined. I thought the Supernatural box was cute, and the Batgirl box has a couple of cute items. Not the best, but definitely worth the money as some of my boxes have been Waaaaaaaay off the mark!!
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January Super(natural) Crate!
by Laura written 2 months ago
I used to love Supernatural, and although I quit watching a few seasons ago, I was pumped to get this crate. I love the necklace - so clever with the salt, wings, car, etc.! I also REALLY enjoyed the bookmark the tiny little candle - smelled great and burns well, too! Both of were cool items whether you're a part of the fandom or not. The earrings were OK, although way hard to read on my old eyes, but I tossed the other item. Can't even remember what it was. Overall, another great offering from Cratejoy.
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