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Geek Chic Monthly
Geek Chic jewelry and accessories in a collectible box inspired by a different fandom every month!

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3.6 of 5 stars
by Dana written Aug 21, 2018
Eventually, everyone paid for the December box, and it was never sent. Money was not returned. E-mails have not been answered. Facebook has not been updated. I would give zero stars if possible.
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by Lauren written Mar 19, 2018
I had a monthly subscription w/ this company. I was charged in November/December and neither of the boxes arrived. The owner then announced she was taking a hiatus and that the boxes would be delivered when ready. Well 3 months later and still no boxes. Multiple people have reached out to the owner w/ no luck. What horrible business practices and I wish Cratejoy would do something! I am disputing the charges w/ my bank now, but some people have said the owners bank refused the dispute charges! What a slime ball! DO NOT BUY!
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Never received, seller not responding
by kasia written Jan 19, 2018
I has charged for two months now and did not receive the boxes - I am talking about November and December boxes, and we are mid-January! I contacted the seller via email and cratejoy, I have not heard back. I will now have to dispute the charges with my bank.
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charged for 4 boxes only recieved 2?!
by Nikita written Jan 18, 2018
i have been charged 4 times and have only gotten 2 boxes. i have contacted seller multiple times and have yet to receive an answer.
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by becky written Jan 16, 2018
I ordered the November Box back on November 6th. I was charged but then never sent the box!! I contacted the seller but never heard anything back. Completely ridiculous. Now I am out money and I have no box. Now I have to work with my credit card to try and receive my money back. Crate Joy should take this seller off the site. I'm so annoyed.
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by Jordan written Jan 11, 2018
Charged twice, received only one box
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Not worth it, don't bother
by kasia written Jan 04, 2018
Cool idea in theory, but poor execution - see other reviews. Quality is hit or miss. Late delivery is an understatement as I have not received my November box yet. I also just got an email that they are "taking a break", so it looks like the vendor now owes me $32 since I got billed for two boxes i never received.
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by Paige written Jan 03, 2018
DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO THIS BOX. I still haven't received my star wars box. It was supposed to ship December 15th and it's now January 3rd. They mentioned a slight delay, but have been silent since posting that on social media. Not to mention when I asked about the update on their Facebook page they blocked me. I'm going to file a charge back on my credit card, I suggest everyone else do so too.
No more customer service
by Sarah written Jan 03, 2018
They no longer reply to emails, facebook messages, etc. Boxes are late every month and the quality is pretty mainly items you'd buy in dollar sections. Used to be a good box but not even close to worth it for the price. Assuming you actually get it :/
Always late
by Katherine written Dec 25, 2017
So I’ve subscribed for a year now and it has definitely had its ups and downs. I think my favorite part of this subscription is that you can skip months. But other than that it’s been a very mediocre box. What has saddened me is seeing how the quality of the items has dropped with each box and how they seriously put the most random things in there at times. But the biggest problem with them is that they are always always late. Unfortunately nothing ever arrives to them on time which then makes it late for us. And it’s always late, every month late.
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