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by AmandaBowman written last year
My daughter loved receiving a holiday card in the mail addressed just to her! So thoughtful!
Girl a tude autoship
by Shanna written last year
My niece, 13 y/o loves her box. She looks forward to it each month. It's filled with age appropriate shirts, gifts, and treats. She said it makes her feel special and part of the club. Today's box she recieved a shirt, bracelet, peppermint, letter and paper to write down things she's thankful for. We are really enjoying girl-a-tude!
by AmandaBowman written last year
My daughter was so excited with everything she received in this box. The shirt is so cute and the personalized coozie was very awesome. Love the set up inside the box. Will be keeping this subscription :)
This box rocks!!!
by Jane written last year
My daughter received her first box and loved it!!! The message isn't preachy but on point!!! We were surprised to receive 2 t-shirts! And she loves cats and we got a cat mask to decorate!!! She's happy! Mom would prefer less candy and maybe more challenging colouring pages? Or maybe some girl quotes to colour or sayings she can fill in? Just a suggestion! Maybe the boxes can be divided more by age group? She's 9 going on 12 at
Girl-a-Tude said...
last year
Thanks Jane! We're glad she loved it. We will most definitely take your suggestions and run with them! Thanks for the awesome feedback.
My girls loved their boxes!
by Iliana written last year
They have the best customer service, I had some problems and they took care of everything so fast! My girls loved their first box, specially the personalized letter! They can't wait for next month
by Taylor written last year
My girls LOVE Girl-a-Tude! They love reading the notes to figure out what next month theme will be. I have an 11year old and a 9 year old and they have love each and every shirt received. Definatley worth it! Stacy
by Lindsey written last year
We LOVE Girl-A-Tude!!! It makes my daughter soo happy every month!!!
by Regina written last year
The G-Girl note is my granddaughters favorite part. She always reads the card before she opens her goodies! The t-shirts are awesome and the gifts are always something fun for her. I Love having the opportunity to talk about how to be a better person. We love Girl-a-Tude!
Great Message for Girls!
by Gwen written 2 years ago
I love Girl-a-Tude. The G-Girl message every month is so fun for my granddaughter. The t-shirts are really high quality and the gifts are always something fun for her. It also gives us a chance to talk about character. I love that they are giving back to groups helping girls get past the way they look such as Girl Scouts.
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