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Only subscription you'll need
by Lynn written Mar 29, 2017
I can't begin to tell you the quality of the items in this box...They teach us historical events geography math science experiments ways to encourage our girls to achieve by boosting their confidance through knowledge. The quality of the materials included are superb. You need a whole month to dive into all tbe materials they included in the work book. My grand daughters were inspired to create and learn and so was I....I will be a long term Girls Can Crate subsciber.
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I Love These Activities
by Gabriele written Jul 09, 2016
I have a gaggle of granddaughters from 4-8 who come together to learn about powerful women. Having a crate available to do with them is a grandmother's super power.
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Girls Can! Crate, you rock!
by rosi written Jan 07, 2016
I was happy to see and hear how excited my daughter was when she worked on each activity. At the end I loved the way she kept talking about what she had learned and was so excited to want to share this new knowledge with others. This crate definitely inspired her to want to learn more about what germs are how they are spread. She now expresses interest in becoming a doctor. Thank you for your dedication and hard work in empowering our girls.
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Incredible! Can't wait for the next!
by Lindsay written Dec 14, 2015
I, as an adult woman (one is never to old to be inspired and empowered!), ordered a Girls Can! Crate for myself because I wanted to see what they were all about. And wow, did I enjoy! The crate arrived in the mail very soon after ordered, and was exciting to receive. The contents impressed me so! I was blown away by the incredible factual and interesting story telling in the activity book. Plus the graphics are real eye catching, interesting to look at, and the activities were fun to engage. The crate also came with several activities to create and paint (as this box featured 3 female artists), along with ALL of the supplies needed to do so. They sure got my creative juices flowing! I don't yet have a daughter, only a baby boy, but if I did then I'd sure subscribe monthly for her. For now, I may just have to continue to do so for myself, and perhaps even one day for my son! This box is definitely worth what I paid. Hats off to all of the creative gurus of Girls Can! Crates for a job WELL done!
by Josh written Dec 10, 2015
My daughter absolutely loved her crate. As a father of a young girl I want her to know that she really can be anything she wants to be. I want to start inspiring her with role models that will help her know that it is possible. This box did all of that. She had so much fun reading the story (the activity book alone is like a great, stand alone book!) and doing the activities inside which were also educational. I've also loved learning about each new woman with her these past few months.
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