The Artisan Box - by GlobeIn

A monthly subscription of highly curated, artisan-made products from around the world!

Plans as low as $40.00 $33.00 / month

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3.7 of 5 stars
I’m in love!
by Hayley written Oct 07, 2018
So the Artisan Box by Globein is an amazing box! It felt so personalized, as of your team hand selected the items just for me. The craftsmanship of the products were beautiful and functional. The olive dish was my favorite piece! It is a glimpse into all of these amazing cultures from around the world. I have tried to avoid seeing what the October box has, but the few glimpses I have gotten have me excited! I can’t wait.
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by Anna written Aug 15, 2018
Thought the box was just ok. The products looked well-made, but there just wasn't anything overwhelming special about it either.
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by Lynn written Jun 15, 2018
I ordered this as a gift. The website says it "will be shipped immediately upon order". One week later and I see no indication that it has shipped. Having a birthday gift arrive late is disappointing, at best.
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More variety please
by Karen written May 07, 2018
While I love the suspense of what is going to be in the box I must say that I can only use so many hand woven baskets. I have considered cancelling for that reason.
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Not satisfied
by Susana written Feb 05, 2018
I gave a three-month subscription as a Christmas gift and have been very disappointed. The December box arrived with two glasses broken. I was given credit. The January box has still not arrived. The broken glasses seem to be available (at least on the website) so I have asked that they be replaced and put in the February box. The site for add-ons is very difficult to navigate. I am waiting for a response. I also asked that my subscription be cancelled.
If I could give 0 stars I would
by Jordan written Feb 01, 2018
The person that I purchased a GlobeIn box for Christmas 2017 just received it today. There were 2 items missing and the hand painted artisan coffee mug (which was advertised as a pretty, multicolored, flower mug) was a plain yellow diner type cup. The gift was also over 3 weeks late. I have never been so embarrassed, as this was a gift for someone. I had my reservations about this subscription, as the website says items may vary, but what we received compared to what the company says we should have received could definitely be labeled as false advertising.
I’m in love with this box!
by Maddie written Nov 28, 2017
I’ve received two boxes so far and they’ve both been fantastic! I can’t wait for the next! ❤️
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E excellent quality. Absolutelo
by Beverley written Nov 28, 2017
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Not a fan
by Melissa written Nov 24, 2017
I've received 2 boxes so far and I did not like either of them 😓 The first box was a soap dish, tooth brush holder, Kleenex box. The second box was literally a tea cup with a pack of tea and a box to hold tea bags.... I don't even drink tea. I'm super bummed because I paid for a year up front. I'm gonna see if I can switch to something else but I doubt it 😢
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Artisan box
by Linda written Nov 12, 2017
This is my favorite box! Love the hand crafted items and know it’s helping people provide independence
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