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Monthly box with crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products & spiritual tools

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Goddess Provisions Reviews

4.9 of 5 stars
My favorite part of each month
by Chloena written May 30, 2018
I LOVE Goddess Provisions! I look forward to the beginning of every month, because I can't wait to see what's in my box for the month! I love everything I've received so far, and I already can't wait for next month!
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Newly realized Goddess
by Lauren written May 30, 2018
Goddess Provisions is such a beautifully thought out box. Every item is hand chosen and all follow a monthly theme. I have learned more about myself and about the goddess within me from this box than any other box. I enjoy the monthly surprise and look forward to opening the box with the delight of a little girl. I even wait for my children to go to bed so I can slowly embrace and enjoy each and every piece. I adore this box!
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My Happy Box
by Andrea written May 30, 2018
There is nothing more satisfying as when your goddess provisions box arrives. Filled with beautiful, useful items you didn't know you needed till they arrived.
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Highlight of the month!
by Emma written May 30, 2018
The Goddess Provisions box is the highlight of my month. The first few days of every month, for me, are spent looking at the sneak peaks in each box and I always look for the next month’s theme in the Instagram bio. I love receiving my box and all the contents!!
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Great Box
by Sherri written May 30, 2018
This box provides products that I find completely relaxing. The oils, candles, sprays all are just wonderful and I look forward to using them in the evening before bedtime for ultimate relaxation.
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by copper written May 27, 2018
I received the may box and it was amazing!!! The charm was so beautiful, I looked up the designer to purchase more!! They weren't kidding about the value of it ! $54.95!! I loved the candle,so beautiful with orange and flower pedals in it. They also incuded a orange/citrus chakra oil roll on. Which is wonderful as well. Also included a citrine, peppermint foot bath and a root chakra foot salve. I have received boxes from other companies and been left feeling disappointed and heart broken! It was so nice to receive Goddess Provisions as a beautiful gift to myself.
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My first box
by Deborah written May 25, 2018
I must say that I am very impressed with this company! I received my first box last week and oil had spilled all in the box. I was very disappointed. However, after leaving a message letting then know what had happened, they quickly shipped out a replacement box. I received the replacement box today and everything was prefect! Thank you Goddess Provisions!!
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by Natasha written May 18, 2018
I have ordered several different subscriptions boxes and they have been less than impressive. This box is absolutely amazing and worth the price and so much more. The theme was so good and everything went together. I am definitely going to be looking forward to more of this box . Wish it was a weekly box , or there was a way I could purchase previous boxes.
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Loved it, but probably can't get it agai
by Cassandra written May 14, 2018
My first box was absolutely amazing and I loved it. But the second box included a very powerfully scented candle, chakra rub, and foot scrub, all which I will not be able to use. My skin is too sensitive for any of that so sadly I will probably have to discontinue.
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Goddess Provisions said...
May 17, 2018
Thank you for your feedback, Cassandra. We're focused on delivering lots of value and high quality products to our subscribers. We work with partners who use organic, all natural ingredients and often hand-make their products with a whole lot of love. I'm sorry to hear the products in the May Get Rooted Box weren't a good fit for you and I'm wishing you all the best.
I’m in love!
by Elise written May 04, 2018
Every month I get a beautifully curated package that is like my best friend wanted to surprise me for my birthday. I have trouble buying nice things for myself and doing self-care, so this box is like a breath of fresh air and sweet joy every time it comes. Sweet and feminine things I would never get for myself, and I have absolutely adored every box!!
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