Goddess Provisions
Monthly box with crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products & spiritual tools

$33.00+ / month

Goddess Provisions Reviews

4.9 of 5 stars
by SHELLEY written 3 months ago
Love Love Love these boxes❣️I have even shared some of the amazing goodies with our daughter and granddaughters❣️❣️❣️❣️Thank you so much❣️🙏🕉☮️☯️Namaste
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The best subscription box
by Andrea written 3 months ago
If you are a spiritual being with a passion for natural products to promote healing and raise your vibration, this subscription box is for you! I am so happy with the products I have received
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by Brittany written 4 months ago
Getting this box is like a monthly present to yourself! I have never been disappointed with any products. It may seem a bit pricey, but the value of every box goes above and beyond the monthly rate. You get a special mix of tea, snacks, body care, home decor, stones and everything else you can think of! I have tried a lot of boxes and cancelled because some months I just couldn’t justify the cost, but I think I’ll be sticking with goddess provisions for a long time.
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More than 100% in love. Every time!
by morgan written 4 months ago
I've never been disappointed by Goddess Provisions. Every single box is incredible. Wondrous essential oil blends. Amazingly cool art objects. Functional and positive beauty and lifestyle goods. I love everything, and what wasn't perfect for me I always knew exactly who to gift it to. The only problem is that there's only ONE box a month!! I wish I could get GP every WEEK! <3 :)
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My other review changed my star amount!
by Dacy written 4 months ago
I wrote a review and put 5 stars but when I submitted it it was at 2 stars and I feel bad so I’m adding another one! Absolutely 5 stars. 10 stars!!
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My absolute favorite!
by Dacy written 4 months ago
I love Goddess Provisions so much. For what you pay it’s always far more than worth it. I love that it ships SO FAST. It always comes within the first 5 days or so of the month for me. So fast that my box is usually in my mailbox before I even get the email that it has shipped! It’s just a lovely thing to look forward to each month. I’ve never been disappointed and even when I was missing a product in one of my boxes they sent it right out to me when I contacted them.
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Must have.
by Samantha written 4 months ago
I have received my Goddess provision box for a few months now and i am obsessed. The price is reasonable and the items in the box help you get in touch with and clam your spiritual being. I had to contact GP regarding my subscription and the customer service was top notch!
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by Alyssa written 4 months ago
I absolutely love the goddess provisions boxes! I have been getting them for a couple months now and have loved everything that has been sent to me! I would recommend these boxes to anyone as a fun monthly gift to yourself!
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Best Decision Ever
by Ashley written 4 months ago
I absolutely love my Goddess boxes. I look forward to them every month. There’s always a beautiful stone. I love the variety of oils and perfumes I’ve gotten. This is such a great subscription!!! I recommend it to everyone!
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So much love
by Silver written 4 months ago
I look forward to this box every month. There has probably been only one box in the almost 6 months I've been subscribed that I didn't really like ( and it was more a matter of personal taste than anything about quality) but I was still able to get use out of at least one item and the rest I gave away. They mail out exactly when they say, and I have never seen anything that was cheap or of low quality. You can tell with each box they put a lot of thought into the theme and the items they select to go with it.
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