Goddess Provisions
Monthly box with crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products & spiritual tools

$33.00+ / month

Goddess Provisions Reviews

4.9 of 5 stars
I’m in love!
by Elise written May 04, 2018
Every month I get a beautifully curated package that is like my best friend wanted to surprise me for my birthday. I have trouble buying nice things for myself and doing self-care, so this box is like a breath of fresh air and sweet joy every time it comes. Sweet and feminine things I would never get for myself, and I have absolutely adored every box!!
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by Angelina written May 02, 2018
Look forward to each box I get. Treat yourself ladies!
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Learning to love me
by Deb written May 02, 2018
I honor my goddess within when I by the box. Each month is an opportunity to feed the awakening of me.
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Can't live without it!
by Angela written Apr 30, 2018
I've been a subscriber for over a year. Thanks to Goddess Provisions I have amassed a diverse collection of essential oil roll-on, sprays/mists, and crystals that I can't live without. This subscription has also introduced to some beauty and health and wellness that have become staples for me that I would not have otherwise been introduced to. I look forward to each new month as I know I am always going to receive quality products that I love. I love that the products help me support my mind, body, and soul.
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Monthly happiness!
by Kat written Apr 30, 2018
This box is the BEST gift I have ever given myself! each month I am delighted with stuff that I would have never ever tried or even known about. SOMETIMES there has been an item that I had been thinking about, wanting to try and BOOM it shows up!!! I have gone on to become a customer to to several of the "samples" that have been sent... I say "samples" because they are actually HUGE or full size products. I canceled my box one time as I thought I was moving... but 2 weeks later (before the next box was shipped) I reordered as I COULD NOT GO WITHOUT!!! Not even for one month! Lastly, I LOVE that i don't have to worry about any of these products, all vegan, cruelty free, and amazing companies dedicated to the earth and all is inhabitants...I am a life long member of THE GODDESS BOX!!!!
Love these boxes!
by Lea-Anne written Apr 30, 2018
I am always so excited to get my Goddess Provisions box every month. They are always packed full of amazing things and they always seem to intuitively know what I need! Thanks so much for putting together such wonderful products!
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by Brooke written Apr 30, 2018
I always look forward to getting my Goddess Provisions box. This goddesses know exactly what I need to work on each month! I love getting to try out new things I’ve never heard of. And my favorite part is the gorgeous crystals!
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Favorite monthly box
by Trudy written Apr 29, 2018
Definitely my favorite monthly box! Always such a great mix of lovely and useful products.
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Love this box.
by Rachel written Apr 29, 2018
Getting this subscription every month makes me so happy. Every goddesses needs this.
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This is how I Self Care
by Mallory written Apr 29, 2018
Goddess Provisions is my own special treat to myself. I am so grateful for the unique trinkets and information that comes with. I look so forward to this each month.
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