Goddess Provisions
Monthly box with crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products & spiritual tools

$33.00+ / month

Goddess Provisions Reviews

4.9 of 5 stars
by jacki written 4 months ago
I love Goddess Provisions. I'm so happy with the curation of each box - there's a great variety of products and everything is great quality. This would be a gorgeous, thoughtful gift for someone and it truly feels like a treat each month when I receive my box!
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by Amanda written 4 months ago
Always amazing! I’ve been subscribed for over a year now and I love my box every month!!
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Absolutely Magickal
by Allegra written 4 months ago
One of the best boxes out there! Everything month is a different theme and the products are just wonderful! I have discovered some of my favorite brands from these beautifully curated boxes. And received products I've always wanted to try! Very, very happy with the Goddess Provisions monthly subscription.
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So incredibly fun and thoughtful
by Simone written 4 months ago
I LOVE this box. I never subscribe to things but I have been over the moon about this box. The value is so so worth it. Everything in there is well over $33 (and I am cheap as hell so I can be very critical). It's like a surprise present to myself every month. And the community is wonderful. There's always a blog post afterwards about the products or items and how to integrate/ create your ritual work. Fantastic.
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Absolutely love!
by ElizabethLambert written 4 months ago
I always love getting my Goddess Box each month! It’s always inspiring and I can’t wait for the next one each month. It’s worth it for me every month. I’ve been a loyal customer for a long while now! I definitely recommend this subscription!
The Best!!
by Katherine written 4 months ago
The Goddess Provisions subscription box is AMAZING just on its own. The products chosen are always amazing and full sized! The themes for the box are fitting intentions for the month and everything inside is thoughtfully chosen. If that wasn't enough they also have outstanding customer service. I recently ordered a past box and forgot to use the coupon code, I emailed GP customer service and they emailed me back right away with a refund. They also do a ton of cool giveaways and sales which are a great way to get more! The boxes that are Special Edition are always really great as well. My only complaint is that I didn't sign up sooner.
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Bewitchingly Curated!
by Sarah written 4 months ago
This has to be the best goddess crate on the market! Each box contains a truly useful array of items, from alter supplies to a healthy snack. They truly care about you, inside and out! Unlike most subscription boxes, Goddess Provisions lets you know well before the sign up deadline exactly what you'll recieve (via email and Instagram), a true gift for those of us who don't have the money to spend on blind crates. I've ordered at least 4 crates and have never been dissapointed in the quality or selection of items. Once a crystal had been damaged and repaired (perfectly repaired I might add) and as soon as I noted it in the box review Goddess Provisions team reached out to me! The care that goes into each month's item selection is evident, I'll actually be purchasing from their parters in the future when I run out of the supplies featured in the crate!
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A really great box
by Paige written 4 months ago
So I have been getting this box for about 6-7 months and I absolutely adore it. The reason i had first gotten it was to enhance the more spiritual side of my yoga practice and I also wanted to find more brands that sell things like candles, natural beauty products, decorative house items, etc. It’s a way to try those brands and so far, I have loved everything I have received. They also offer an option to skip some months, so you are not tied down to an obligations as far as the subscription goes. (which has worked great for months I can’t afford it) Their website offers past boxes for purchase, which you should definitely look at because you’re able to get an idea of the things they include. Last, I want to include the only issue i have ever had with them: I received a box a few months ago where an essential oil had leaked out (the rest of the products were fine). I had contacted them via email and told them about what had happened and they resolved my problem immediately. They sent me a brand new essential oil which I received a few days later. Overall: you get your money’s worth every time (plus more) and there’s no obligation involved. The customer service is great. If you like spiritual and natural products or like to include things like it in your yoga practice, this is a great box for you ✅👌
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The greatest subscription box!!!
by Jasper written 4 months ago
This is by far my favorite subscription box! I have received 3 monthly boxes so far and have NOT been disappointed. I have already recommended it to friends, and will keep doing so! Everything is always packaged and presented so gorgeously compared to other boxes that I have gotten that are similar. Every month when it arrives in the mail I open it and feel as though I'm receiving a care package from my best friend. Purifying incense, cleansing and moisturizing bath scrub, calming and invigorating essential oils, home decor, and more! All natural and always cruelty free. I am always pleasantly surprised by the selection by Goddess box. I am so glad I subscribed and I highly recommended this subscription box to everyone! I love the themes and trying out all the different products! You guys are amazing! Can't wait for the next box! 😊 XOXO
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by Hannah written 4 months ago
This is the best box I have ever received! It’s so exciting to see what will be in the next months box because you didn’t think it was possible to get such beautiful items for such a small price. It’s like opening a present on Christmas because your just so excited to see what’s inside and the box is so cute the way it’s packaged.
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