Goddess Provisions
Monthly box with crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products & spiritual tools

$33.00+ / month

Goddess Provisions Reviews

4.9 of 5 stars
More than 100% in love. Every time!
by morgan written Nov 26, 2017
I've never been disappointed by Goddess Provisions. Every single box is incredible. Wondrous essential oil blends. Amazingly cool art objects. Functional and positive beauty and lifestyle goods. I love everything, and what wasn't perfect for me I always knew exactly who to gift it to. The only problem is that there's only ONE box a month!! I wish I could get GP every WEEK! <3 :)
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My other review changed my star amount!
by Dacy written Nov 24, 2017
I wrote a review and put 5 stars but when I submitted it it was at 2 stars and I feel bad so I’m adding another one! Absolutely 5 stars. 10 stars!!
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My absolute favorite!
by Dacy written Nov 24, 2017
I love Goddess Provisions so much. For what you pay it’s always far more than worth it. I love that it ships SO FAST. It always comes within the first 5 days or so of the month for me. So fast that my box is usually in my mailbox before I even get the email that it has shipped! It’s just a lovely thing to look forward to each month. I’ve never been disappointed and even when I was missing a product in one of my boxes they sent it right out to me when I contacted them.
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Must have.
by Samantha written Nov 24, 2017
I have received my Goddess provision box for a few months now and i am obsessed. The price is reasonable and the items in the box help you get in touch with and clam your spiritual being. I had to contact GP regarding my subscription and the customer service was top notch!
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by Alyssa written Nov 22, 2017
I absolutely love the goddess provisions boxes! I have been getting them for a couple months now and have loved everything that has been sent to me! I would recommend these boxes to anyone as a fun monthly gift to yourself!
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Best Decision Ever
by Ashley written Nov 22, 2017
I absolutely love my Goddess boxes. I look forward to them every month. There’s always a beautiful stone. I love the variety of oils and perfumes I’ve gotten. This is such a great subscription!!! I recommend it to everyone!
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So much love
by Silver written Nov 21, 2017
I look forward to this box every month. There has probably been only one box in the almost 6 months I've been subscribed that I didn't really like ( and it was more a matter of personal taste than anything about quality) but I was still able to get use out of at least one item and the rest I gave away. They mail out exactly when they say, and I have never seen anything that was cheap or of low quality. You can tell with each box they put a lot of thought into the theme and the items they select to go with it.
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Love my boxes!
by Ashley written Nov 20, 2017
I love love love the goddess boxes!! Whenever I order one I absolutely CANNOT WAIT for it to arrive!! I usually keep about half of the products for myself and I give some products away as gifts! It's a win win! And I love how the goddess provision box comes with a detailed card explaining exactly what the items are and how you can use them! It's also nice knowing the retail value of all of the products, that way you know how much money you save! And you truly cannot find these products elsewhere! Very unique and cool products. I LOVE!!!
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This is the best box ever!
by Amy written Nov 20, 2017
I look forward to this box every month and I get so excited about it! I use all of the items that are sent in the boxes on the daily it has seriously transformed my routines for the better. I feel more spiritually focused it’s immensely amazing! ♥️
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Really enjoying this!
by Traci written Nov 20, 2017
It is crate - joy, and I'm really enjoying my experience with Goddess Provisions. It's so wonderful to know I'll be opening this wonderful box with so many intriguing, and aromatic additions!
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