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4.9 of 5 stars
Nuture with nature
by Susan written Jan 25, 2018
Goddess provisions is the best box subscription to get in touch with natural, organic products that in turn help you to get in tune with yourself and the world! I love these boxes.
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In Love
by Andie written Jan 11, 2018
The December 2017 box (Solstice Priestess Box) was the first box I got from Goddess Provisions, and it has done beautiful job of underscoring my pre-existing solstice rituals. The candle from Fire and Bloom has balanced my cold, dark weather mood and lifted my energy. I instantly put the sun and moon nail decals on (and was pleasantly surprised when the self-manicure lasted for almost three weeks!) My favorite item is the Solstice Botanical Salt Spray~it's worked to refresh my curly hair, invigorate my skin, or just lift the vibration of whatever space it's sprayed in. Fantastic attention to detail and I cannot wait to purchase another box!
by Kate written Jan 11, 2018
Usually this is one of my very favorite boxes! Unfortunately this last box left me sadly disappointed. It looked like a few items from a dollar store. An every day mason jar with a sticker stuck on it, an every day paper notebook.... and those were the big items. Not sure if the holidays just made this a gotta get something out there box, so I'll through this together, but looked like the contents didn't cost more than $5-$6 dollars.
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Goddess Provisions said...
Jan 12, 2018
Thank you for your feedback, Kate! We're focused on providing lots of value and high-quality products to our subscribers. Our January Box had products inside that totaled up to a retail value of over $65, all intending to support creative expression. We curate each box with lots of thought and love. The mason jar has a screen printed (not sticker) design created by the Goddess Provisions team and the notebook helps build schools and support artists. I'm sorry to hear the products in this month's box weren't a good fit for you but I hope you'll love what's coming next! Wishing you all the best!
Missing items
by Sarah written Jan 11, 2018
I was so excited to open my very first box but my joy was met with confusion immediately. I could tell something was missing and I wouldn’t have known until I read the card detailing what was in the box. I was missing three main items! I will say they got back to me pretty fast but I was very disappointed to find out I will have no tracking number for my items and read that if I don’t receive them in two weeks to let them know again. I’m thinking about unsubscribing already. This was my first box and three things are missing and now I’m not even certain I will ever receive them? That’s wild to me. I don’t usually spend money on myself because I’m a mom and a wife and I put everyone else first so even doing this at all was a leap for me and my gut instinct that I shouldn’t have done it was probably right. I don’t like feeling like a cry baby because yes it could be worse but I’m definitely not happy and I would assume the company would want to know. Other than this whole mess the items are really cool and hopefully I get to actually try out a full box.
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Goddess Provisions said...
Jan 12, 2018
Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback, Sarah. We're so sorry that your first box arrived with missing items. We'll definitely be getting you a full replacement box to make up for this. We've also recently upgraded our systems so we can email tracking numbers for replacement shipments so you'll see one of those in your inbox soon. We want to make sure you're happy with your decision to treat yourself and if you have any additional issues we'd encourage you to email support@godessprovisions.com so we can help.
Slowly going downhill...
by Michele written Jan 10, 2018
I have been getting this box for over six months and it just keeps getting worse. It seems like now that they have gained in popularity, things are starting to fall apart: items are left out of boxes, items are substituted (crystal) with no explanation of what it is, changing to a different plan is a nightmare and causes box delays. I took advantage of one of their Black Friday deals and followed their directions on how to get it. When I contacted them about not even having the option that I wanted and wondered if I was still going to get my free items, they told me they would make a "one time courtesy" and send me the items, which I only received half of. I really do love this box, but I have to be honest that if things keep continuing this way, I will have to find a different one.
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Goddess Provisions said...
Jan 12, 2018
Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback, Michele. As we grow, we're working hard to make sure we maintain our reputation for having great boxes and customer service. We always send replacement items if boxes have missing items or have damaged items inside. We're also always happy to help with crystal identification. We'll be happy to help you get the missing item from your Black Friday bonus. We just reached out to you via support@goddessprovisions.com and look forward to hearing back so we can resolve this for you.
Top quality
by Kathryn written Jan 10, 2018
I love the Goddess Provisions box and their attention to detail. The items are high quality, gorgeous and fun and I look forward to it each month. It arrives in a timely fashion from the US to Australia.
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Goddess Provisions January 2018 Review
by Tracie written Jan 06, 2018
I have been a subscriber to this box for the past 6 months. I was referred by Wild Fern from Youtube. I am so glad I did. The quality of items are great and the items are rare finds. I love the oils, chocolates, makeup, crystals, and this month, I received a wonderful journal notebook and under-eye concealer, along with other things. I wish I would have gotten a crystal grid, it's no big deal, I will buy one myself. It's worth it and I will remain a subscriber. The customer service are SUPER SUPER nice and accommodating which makes all the difference. I am in love!
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♡ the new box
by Kristin written Jan 05, 2018
I had the tea and chocolate for a midday pick me up at work today, it really helped. Also I am IN LOVE with the beautiful journal and the Pacifica makeup. I truly believe that over these past months that I've been ordering, these lovely self-care items and spiritual tools have helped me overcome bad things in my life like depression, anxiety, and smoking. The only thing I wish was different is if I could get 2 boxes a month because they're so fun!
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Jade Face Roller is a MUST
by Kim written Jan 05, 2018
I bought the Jade Face Roller mostly because I'm easily pulled in by beauty trends, but also because I was intrigued by the jade itself. It's meant to help decrease anxiety and increase confidence, among other things, so I was very into it. I almost bought on one Amazon, but the craftsmanship is so much better on this than any I could've gotten there. When I got it in the mail it was very nicely packaged, and I immediately fell in love with it. I've been using it for about two weeks and I've already noticed my face looks more contoured and less puffy. I've also been feeling more confident in myself, so if you like the sound of any of that, then this is the product for you! And even if it doesn't do what it says on the tin, it just feels good on your face, especially if it's cold.
Shipping Issues
by Fernanda written Jan 04, 2018
I LOVE the box, but the only issue is that shipping takes forever... I live outside the US and I received the September Box on December... I would love if you could do something about this item
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Goddess Provisions said...
Jan 05, 2018
Thank you for your feedback! We aim to ship all boxes within 5-7 business days after each month begins. Sometimes the boxes get held up in customs, which I know isn't fun. I wish we had more control over international shipping delays. We're so happy to hear that you loved the October box and that it was worth the wait!
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