Goddess Provisions
Monthly box with crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products & spiritual tools

$33.00+ / month

Goddess Provisions Reviews

4.9 of 5 stars
Major Stress Reliever
by Sarah written 5 days ago
Goddess Provisions box has really lifted my spirits in a time where I'm working hard to achieve my dreams. It literally makes me feel like a goddess. The products cover relaxation, personal growth, hygiene, superfoods, and beauty things. Very holistic. I definitely recommend. Also it's cruelty-free and vegan which was a big thing for me.
The Most Magical Box ever!!!
by Ekaterina written 7 days ago
I've seen the pictures of this box on IG for quite some time now and finally i've decided to sign up for this magical box and totally fell in love with it!!!Now every month is full of joy and excitement coz Goddesses who behind this box create a new theme every time, and fill it out with all the supplies you need to feel like a Goddess yourself!!!It is everything you need and more and you can take pictures for days feeling elivated,inspired and empowered!!!Absolutely worth it,absolutely love it!!!
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First box, really enjoyed it!
by Jennifer written 8 days ago
This is a great collection of items and well worth the money and I want to leave a purely glowing review of the boxes contents, but first I have to say WARNING: the packaging is NOT AT ALL DISCREET. You will be delivered the joyful purple box shown in the images with goddess provisions' social media addresses printed on it, making it very easy to find out what's in the box without opening it. I expected it to have a plain outer shell box like other metaphysical crates. I know some aren't in the same place in life as others and might like to have this information before deciding to try this box (I got away with saying it's an organic snack subscription for empowered women lol that was enough to end any further questions AND it's kind of the truth??). So beyond that little warning, I'm very glad I subscribed! I really enjoyed the products, the value is very obvious and it's nothing I would have ever bought for myself - but I'm so psyched to have and try! I look forward to getting my next box!
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Fairie magick!
by Carly written 9 days ago
I live way up north in Minnesota and February can be the drabbest month - this box completely spiced up my month. This box was super whimsical and lovely - calling all my fairie goddesses!
Verified Purchase
by Shannon written 9 days ago
I’ve tried many subscription boxes, and this one takes the cake! Always great product, and a great deal for the size and quality of the product. It’s also got a wonderful variety of things! It’s a wonderful treat every month and I recommend to all my fairy friends 🖤✨🦋
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Great surprise to look forward too.
by Courtney written 9 days ago
I feel in love with my first box and right away signed up for a 3 month subscription right away, as the 3 month drew to an end I topped it up with another 3 month. Every box is so well thought out and the products are great quality and promote a happy and healthy lifestyle. I feel like a total Goddess!
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Always a welcome surprise!
by Angela written 11 days ago
I've been subscribing monthly to Goddess Provisions for months now and I'm always pleasantly pleased with what they gather together for their subscribers! All the boxes are thoughtfully put together and well thought out with a new high vibe theme each month. I look forward to these boxes not only for the great goodies for an amazing deal, but also discovering amazing products I might not fall upon otherwise! I love being able to dig into the companies that are in each box and look into those products too!
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Every box is my favorite!
by Shawntelle written 11 days ago
I loved everything that I received in this box! I always do! Lots of new discoveries and always makes me feel like a goddess :)
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by Diane written 12 days ago
This is the best Goddess box ever!!! I’ve subscribed to other boxes and one by one I cancelled. But, not Goddess Provisions, I look forward to every moth the see what surprises are in store❤️
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by Deb written 12 days ago
I have been a customer for several months. I get excited wen I kno the box is coming. It’s my gift to my goddess divine. I honor myself. The prompts (in the way of products) reminds wat I have been lacking. Crystal Work, detoxing. Etc. The eclectic contec
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