Goddess Provisions
Monthly box with crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products & spiritual tools

$33.00+ / month

Goddess Provisions Reviews

4.9 of 5 stars
by Paige written 8 months ago
After trying 1 month, I got a 3 month subscription. I wish I'd gotten at least 6! Products are great and useable. My faves have been the lady magic moon mist and the chakra oil. Can't wait for August!
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Absolutely magical.
by Allegra written 8 months ago
My favorite thing about this box (and I've tried out quite a few subscription boxes) is how you get a little bit of everything. From crystals, to vegan/natural skin and hair products to try, delicious treats, and even a gorgeous piece of jewelry every now and then. I'm so in love!! Very excited for each newly curated box. 💗💗
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by Linda written 8 months ago
I so very much love receiving this box! The quality of the items inside is really amazing, and my favorite product by far was the chakra oil. 💕 I love trying new products and it's wonderful to get such a nice surprise in the mail, and one that I can count on to have quality items.
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by Sheila written 8 months ago
I've tried a ton of subscription boxes & Goddess Provisions is the BEST. Always well worth the cost and everything is so perfect - I have yet to receive an item I didn't absolutely love.
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I love this box!
by Nakita written 8 months ago
I really love this box and all the different things it has. I have seen some people complain that there are few items, but I do not think they realize the value of the items included. Have you looked at the price of essential oils??? they are expensive. I really like all the oils that have been included in the boxes I have received. I have received 2 different oil based perfumes (both very different in scent.), an essential oil lip moisturizing roll on, an essential oil breath spray, 1 or 2 bottles of essential oil blends, and a chakra oil (that reminds me of plumeria, even though its not) that can also be used as a perfume oil if you want. all in all, I love this box, but I think not everyone appreciates the value of things the same way.
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So much good stuff!
by Erica written 8 months ago
First let's say that I'm not a user of the word goddess, so when I first saw this I figured it wasn't for me. But then it kept popping up on IG so I decided to take a closer look. I've yet to be disappointed with anything in my box. There's a little bit of everything to try. One of my favorite things has been digestive bitters for upset digestive systems! 😄 Who would have thought!? One day I had to rush out the door and I grabbed the protein bar from my box. I got the munchies one night before bed so I grabbed a handful of the almonds in another box. It's 100% useful stuff and, for the price, absolutely worth a try.
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First box July 2017
by Tammy written 8 months ago
Well I really did love this box. There was only one problem. My happy drops had something wrong with the lid or maybe there is a crack. It leaked everywhere. But there was enough to try. Flavor was pretty good. I guess I will order a bottle to try it longer. The hair oil smells lovely. So I will get next month's box and decide if it's a keeper for the price.
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by Marci written 8 months ago
The extra g's are necessary because this box is perfect! Each box contains a crystal, aromatherapy items, food (sometimes... I can't recall bc I usually eat the food right away), and other great things. Every month I can't wait to see what's in the box. Each box is definitely worth the $33! The people behind Goddess Provisions are so amazing and nice! All of their hard work is definitely appreciated!
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Sloppy shipping
by Shelby written 8 months ago
When I first signed up for this box I loved it. Since then I've been a little disappointed. My major complain is the shipping. This box takes a really long time to come.... I don't even know my box is coming because I don't receive a tracking number until the box is in my mailbox.... Which is useless. Some of the products lately haven't been up to par. I feel like something corners are being cut. Recently one of the stones in my box was extremely small. Like the size of a pebble. I see a lot of people making comments about missing items in their box. There's really no reason this should be an issue.
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The BEST Monthly Subscription Box!!
by Carol written 8 months ago
I love Goddess Provisions! I have been receiving the monthly boxes for almost a year now and every single box is filled with delights for all the senses. Yummy vegan snacks, luscious essential oil blends, funky fun stickers, patches and pins, sparkly crystals, gorgeous jewelry pieces, natural beauty products and SO much more! When I get my shipping notification, I follow the tracking every day and run to the mailbox as soon as it is delivered to discover what wonderful new things are waiting for me. If you love natural, conscious and beautiful items, subscribe to Goddess Provisions, you won't regret it.
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