Goddess Provisions
Monthly box with crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products & spiritual tools

$33.00+ / month

Goddess Provisions Reviews

4.9 of 5 stars
My favorite monthly subscription box
by Emily written Aug 15, 2017
This is my favorite monthly subscription box ever! Every single product I have gottne since signing up in February has been amazing and useful! This box is a must have for any true goddess!
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Goddess Goodies
by erin written Aug 15, 2017
Love the items, themes, you can tell great care and thought goes into selecting items/themes. Their Spoilers are great way to see if u r interested in what they offer.
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by NICOLE written Aug 14, 2017
I love everything I have received in the Goddess box! It has a variety of items, and I look forward to it every month. It's an awesome box!
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by Rachael written Aug 14, 2017
I absolutely love getting the goddess box every month, that being said, I LOVED this month's box, the highlighter is absolutely amazing and my favorite product in this box, the makeup brush is super cute too! I look forward to the box every month smto see what the team has come up with and I adore everything thus far!
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beyond underwhelmed
by Caitlin written Aug 14, 2017
This was my firat goddess provisions box. The photos on here of it are gorgeous. Ive seen gorgeous boxes on youtube. This was underwhelming,TACKY and cheap. It felt cheap as soon as I opened. And I was so unimpressed by the 17 dollars I had to pay customs to get it. I am in Canada, and have other subscription boxes shipped from US that have been worth the shipping and no customs collected from me. But here I pay so much more than I expected to get a tacky box with sugary sprinkles as the "superfood". I should not have got the three month subscription. But maybe the next one will feel worth it. I won't be recommending this box to anyone i know right now. The orgone wand was cool. But 70$ worth in this box? Not even close.
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August Unicorn Box
by Lauren written Aug 12, 2017
While I do love most goddess provisions boxes, this months was underwhelming. The unicorn dust highlighter is almost invisible, the make up brush was bent and the chakra stone is so tiny. Didn't feel that anything in this box is full size except for the crystal orgone wand. I'm disappointed I spent the money on this box and may not order next months.
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by Anna written Aug 08, 2017
Loved this box & all the goodies inside! So worth it and you'll get some unique pieces inside too!
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August box was sad
by Taylor written Aug 08, 2017
This was my first box. I was so excited to receive it. A container of sprinkles?! Seriously? Also included was a very cheap unusable brush (makeup) and a "highlighter" that is literally invisible. I was especially disappointed to see a unicorn theme done so poorly as I am an avid collector of unicorns, I also have 2 unicorn tattoos. Nothing in this box said unicorn to me. You can't just write the word unicorn on some products, include some sprinkles and call it good. Soooo disappointed.
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The august pack
by Katya written Aug 04, 2017
I was really disappointed. With the august package the only thing I liked was the crystal and the roll on oil. Good thing I can give them away as a gift set.
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This box is AMAZING
by Marissa written Aug 03, 2017
I have tried so many subscription boxes and this is one of the only ones that I have stuck with. I love every item that comes in every box and that is truly hard to come by. 5/5 easily.
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