Goddess Provisions
Monthly box with crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products & spiritual tools

$33.00+ / month

Goddess Provisions Reviews

4.9 of 5 stars
Loved Every Box I Got
by Anna written 8 months ago
Everything in each box was so lovely! I can't wait till I can renew my subscription when I have more extra cash.
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Can't wait!
by Tara written 8 months ago
I'm like a little kid running to the mailbox every month when I know my Goddess Provisions box is on the way! I'm in love! It's really magical. I never know what treasures might be in store! Crystals, aromatherapy perfumes, raw treats, and much more. It's always a joy! :)
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by Anna written 8 months ago
Always some really neat stuff in the box, and I've yet to get one that didn't have something that smelled amazing!
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by Nicole written 8 months ago
I used to get only boxes filled with makeup until I stumbled upon these little boxes of magic! Not only do I get amazing stuff each month, but I am able to use everything I receive! Everything you get in your box is vegan and all natural products. I look forward to getting my box each and every month and love sharing with my friends! Cannot wait to see what's in the Unicorn box this month! They never disappoint!
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You are a Goddess!
by Loralee written 8 months ago
This subscription includes so many great things, from vegan snacks to beautiful crystals. You will not be disappointed with this box..it's like getting an amazing present in the mail every month!
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Heart-warming <3
by SimoneLee written 8 months ago
This was the first subscription box I received and it arrived at the exact right time. It's the perfect little pick me up once a month to remind yourself to care for yourself. Each gift is thoughtfully chosen to add to the experience of self-care in a beautiful, enjoyable way. Loved my first 3 months and am excited to receive the next!
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by Natalie written 8 months ago
I absolutely love goddess provisions quality products and friendly service! Everything I've received from them has been exquisite and I am never disappointed!
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by Andrea written 8 months ago
When I have the extra money, I love to treat myself to a box. It may not be every month. But every box I get is so worth it. You get way more than what you pay. The variety is amazing. The products are top notch and you get to try stuff from other companies. They put a lot of time and care into choosing what goes into each month's theme and every woman should be a goddess at least once!
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by Miranda written 8 months ago
This box is amazing for splurging & treating yourself like the Goddess you truly are! I bought my first box as a treat after I received a bonus at work, but I plan on maintaining my membership much longer than the 3 months I had originally planned. I love that I get a new crystal each month, as well as some amazing wellness products to try. It is a great way to try new products you might not otherwise buy. My husband especially likes that I have had snacks or teas to share with him too. Some of the favorite items I’ve received are palo santo for smudging, a beautiful piece of moonstone, and a moon necklace.
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by Lisa written 8 months ago
Best subscription box, I love each product every month!!
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