Goddess Provisions
Monthly box with crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products & spiritual tools

Plans as low as $33.00 $27.75 / month

Goddess Provisions Reviews

4.9 of 5 stars
High quality and quantity
by Christine written Nov 20, 2018
I feel satisfied that the content of each box is worth more than $33 and the contents is interesting, unique items that enhance my daily life (such as the Crystal's, candles, spray and perfumes). They are items I would not find on my own or would not venture to buy but am glad to have.
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by Jessica written Nov 16, 2018
If you want to show appreciation for yourself, THIS is the box for you. Vegan, spiritual, goddess-promoting. :)
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by Roxann written Nov 16, 2018
Hugs to the creators of these wonderfully thought out boxes. I get giddy thinking of what will be in my next months box before it arrives. Useful in treating and recharging your soul it’s like my birthday every month of the year! Love , love , love !!
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Best box out there!
by Serena written Nov 16, 2018
Goddess Provisions is by far the best box I've ever received. Always packed full of love and intention. The price is very affordable and the quality of the box's contents are very good! You get more than what you pay for and its always so amazing! Thank you Goddess Provisions for always giving us nothing but the best.
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Embracing the Goddess within
by Krista written Nov 16, 2018
I absolutely look forward to my Goddess box each month. It has been a Godsend in helping me grow in my self love practices
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Hooked for life
by Jessica written Nov 15, 2018
I loved everything that came in the October box but the Pink Chai tea was my FAVORITE! The Self Ritual Cards are beautiful and just what I needed.
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LOVE Goddess Provisions!
by Andrea written Nov 15, 2018
Opening the monthly Goddess Provisions box is like opening a big box of glorious sunshine on a dark dreary day. It always has such a positive energy attached to it. Jill and the rest of the Goddess Provisions team have definitely created a box that is a true blessing to everyone who is lucky enough to receive it. Many thanks to you all!
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Treat Yourself!
by Charlotte written Nov 15, 2018
Wonderful items in every box I have received so far. Everything I love and use and always with great thought that goes into each one. I am always delighted, giggly and thrilled to receive and so grateful I found Goddess Provision as the quality and quantity is sure to please beyond measure! Love these boxes!!!
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The best box :)
by KielyHagen written Nov 15, 2018
I am so lucky to have found goddess provisions on Instagram! I’m finding it so helpful and such a treat on my self-love and self-care journey. They’ve allowed me to dive deeper into my routines and my mindfulness!
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by Selena written Nov 15, 2018
The goddess provisions box is completely awesome!! I look forward to it so much and talk about it so much that even my boyfriend will be asking me at the beginning of the month “is your goddess box coming yet??” I highly recommend this box!!
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