Goddess Provisions
Monthly box with crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products & spiritual tools

$33.00+ / month

Goddess Provisions Reviews

4.9 of 5 stars
Amazing box
by Marianne written 10 months ago
Receiving this box in the mail is one of the highlights of the month. It smells divine when you open it, and it is always filled with a variety of amazing products. Crystals, aromatherapy sprays and oils, healthy snacks, jewelry... Love it!
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Goddess Love
by LInda written 10 months ago
My daughter gifted me a 3 month subscription to Goddess Provisions and I Sooo enjoyed receiving these delightful boxes I signed up for more!!! I love the variety of treasures, something amazing in each box! A wonderful way to discover new products and try them out! Can't wait for my next box!
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I love these boxes!
by Ashley written 10 months ago
Every month I get new amazing products. The themes are ALWAYS great! I love the energy perfume from the April sun box. The may moon box was my favorite so far though! I love the moon necklace and the new moon spray. The jasmine oil is amazing. I'm always excited to see what I am getting. 100% worth the money!
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My favorite time of the month!
by Nicole written 10 months ago
Receiving my goddess provisions box every month is such a joyous occasion! They always pack it full of love and thoughtful items to enjoy. I love the monthly themes and the sneak peeks on Instagram. I always end up following the accounts of the featured goodies. I am constantly complimented on scents I'm sent, jewelry, and my ever expanding crystal collection thanks to my goddess provisions boxes! I can't say enough amazing things about this company! Absolutely a 5 star rating!!!
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Can't rave enough about these boxes!!
by Mariah written 10 months ago
I knew I had to take the plunge when I saw they were including orgonite pyramids! And it just got better from there, all vegan and cruelty-free which is very important to me. I love the crystals, the themes, the items- the surprise! I'm so happy I went ahead and went for it, I'm looking forward to June's box already! I get a lot of compliments on the sprays- I tell everyone about this subscription!! I love that many of the creators are the same people I follow on Instagram and that I know individual artists and creators are being supported by my purchases. I'm never canceling this subscription!! Thank you for all of the thoughtful amazing blessed items you send you- you've really encouraged me to take time for self care. Namaste~
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by Francesca written 10 months ago
This subscription box has been amazing every month I have received it, now going on my 5th one and there is never a product I can't use! The quality of the companies they use products from are always great and I am never disappointed. I look forward to getting such a cool spiritual life style box filled with things beautiful and useful things.
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by KyleiDumont written 10 months ago
My favorite day of the month is when my box arrives! I have yet to get a box that wasn't worth $30. They always exceed my expectations:) highly recommend. A super fun and affordable way to spoil yourself.
In Love!
by Monica written 10 months ago
Absolutely love the Goddess Box. Best box out there jam-packed with amazing products. Each month the box is very thoughtfully put together. I love that Goddess Provisions themes each box. I have tried other subscription boxes and they usually are just random mixes of cool products. With Goddess Provisions it's always tailored with a relevant theme in mind.
Pure & Utter Bliss
by Carly written 10 months ago
I can't say enough wonderful things about these boxes and I recommend them to everyone and anyone when I get the chance. They are so well curated and thoughtful. They are hands down the favourite part of my month and always make me feel like the luckiest goddess when I come home and it's on the counter! You can feel the love and hard work Jill puts into each and every box and I have never been disappointed, not to mention they have the best and fastest customer service should something happen. People like Jill and boxes like this help spread the love and make the world a little less dark.
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by Sarina written 10 months ago
I've gotten 2 boxes so far and I loved everything. Unlike other subscription boxes, they give you a price breakdown so you can literally see the value. I've quit less expensive boxes just because I didn't love everything but this is well worth the money. I've discovered so many new staples I didn't even know I needed! This would make a great gift or just something to treat yourself to. Whoever curates these deserves a raise!
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