Goddess Provisions
Monthly box with crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products & spiritual tools

$33.00+ / month

Goddess Provisions Reviews

4.9 of 5 stars
Best box
by Danielle written 10 months ago
The goddess provisions box is the best box I've ever subscribed to. Each month is themed and filled with all sorts of goodies like treats, sprays, candles, soaps, crystals, etc. I am just beginning my spiritual quest so it's great to receive new things and try them out! My friend and I anticipate our next box before the month even starts!
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Goddess Provisions is amazing!
by Marci written 10 months ago
This box is great. Each box has its own theme with products that are high quality! I've received 3 boxes now and each box has been amazing. So far my favorite items has been the crystals and the aromatherapy sprays. I always look forward to the next month's box in my mailbox.
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Best subscription box ever!
by Rio written 10 months ago
I absolutely love the goddess Provisions subscription box. Every month is a wonderful array of Beauty Supplies and trinkets. Every product is of the highest quality, the treats are always delicious and the crystals are a wonderful addition to any collection. I look forward to getting my goddess box in the mail every month, it truly is the highlight! I would highly recommend this box to everyone!!
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Goddess Provisions is awesome!
by Emma written 10 months ago
I've gotten 2 monthly boxes so far plus I bought their special edition Yoni box a few months back. All have been awesome. I love how each box has its own theme and all of the product choices have been great and highly curated! I'm always looking forward to finding out what is going to be in each new box. I feel the price is great too, given all the cool stuff inside. Definitely saves over buying these things individually. I think this box is a great choice for people who want to start developing a spiritual self-care practice but don't quite know where to start. I look forward to seeing what they do next!
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My Favorite Box!
by Toni written 10 months ago
Goddess Provisions is by far my favorite subscription Box. Every month the box is full of items I love. Awesome full size products at a reasonable price. The quality and value can not be beat. I eagerly look forward to the next one!
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Great for pagans
by Brittaney written 10 months ago
If you're looking for a fun subscription box for someone who is pagan, this box is perfect. Every box comes with crystals, or jewelry, oils perfect for your practice. Even if you don't consider yourself pagan this box is nice. It really feels like your pampering yourself every month.
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by Tina written 10 months ago
Ive subscribed to many different monthly boxes but hands down this is the one box that I will always continue my subscription with. It's very motivating in helping me with my "Room of Peace" that I am making. I'm in love with everything that comes in these boxes....
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by Sara written 10 months ago
To say I'm obsessed with this box is an understatement. Each month it's filled with the most lovely things, all based around a theme - stones, natural beauty care, yummy (typically vegan) treats, lovely jewelry - the creativity abounds. It's just fully of beauty and good vibes. I look so forward to its arrival every month!
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Excellent Subscription Box
by Danika written 10 months ago
I have now received the April and May Goddess Provisions boxes, and I'm extremely happy I decided to make this my monthly subscription service. The boxes are well curated around the monthly theme, with a nice variety of quality items. It's a great way to try products you may otherwise be unsure about. Goddess Provisions also provides the social media contacts for the contents, so you can easily locate the sellers if you're interested in getting more. I do wish some of the packaging was a bit more sustainable (each individual item is usually in its' own plastic bag or wrap), but I understand they are coming from different companies and that is probably how they are shipped. Overall, this box has greatly added to my spiritual practice by providing me with an exciting variety of tools and products. I definitely recommend it.
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by Nakita written 10 months ago
I have tried many many subscription boxes. But i was tired of just getting stuff to sit around and look nice. This is seriously the best subscription box i have ever bought! I love that all the items are usable! Also i love all kinds of rocks, so i was excited to see a different stone in each box i have received.
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