Goddess Provisions
Monthly box with crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products & spiritual tools

$33.00+ / month

Goddess Provisions Reviews

4.9 of 5 stars
Everything I was hoping for!
by Megan written 10 months ago
My favorite part of these boxes is that the theme usually fits in with the season/moon cycle. I have gotten some great products that I have never tried before. I have tried elixirs and essential oils and couldn't be more satisfied. If you're looking to treat and better yourself, goddess provisions is a must!
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the soul-mate of subscription boxes
by Nicole written 10 months ago
I'm giddy when I open up my Goddess Provisions box each month - seriously, the products that they put into these boxes are amazing. Each month is different in the best way. If you're into self-care and natural products...this is for YOU!
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How have I ever lived without this??
by AmandaPustelnikas written 10 months ago
This is probably the best thing I've ever spent money on. The monthly boxes are so cute and they all have a theme. I honestly haven't gotten something that I dislike or didn't have any use for. The items are all super great quality and you get so much more than you pay for! I'll be subscribing for a long time. I literally don't know how I went on before without these boxes.
A Must!
by Amanda written 10 months ago
I loves subscription boxes but this one is by far one of my favs. I love how each month there is a new theme the box is focused around. I especially love how there are blog posts about some of the products in the box explaining the benefits in detail. I can't wait to get my next box!
Subscription For Your Soul
by Trina written 10 months ago
I absolutely love Goddess Provisions subscription box! Each month you get 5-6 items that go along perfectly with a given theme. Goddess Provisions has helped me expand my knowledge on various topics such as smudging, moon phases, flower power, crystals etc. The boxes include anything from tea, snacks, crystals, incense, to self care and generally promote the development of a new skill or practice. Another great thing about this box is that its cruelty free! Goddess provisions has exposed me to so many great earth conscious companies that I will continue to use in the future. The goods included in the box are always worth more than what you pay, too!
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A New Forever Customer!
by Allison written 10 months ago
I'm am hard to impress with subscription boxes but Goddess Provisions has really outdone themselves! They send you the perfect balance of items for mind, body and soul every month! I cannot wait to see what's in the next box!
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A toolbox for the modern priestess
by Suzy written 10 months ago
I've gotten two boxes so far and I just love them! I find it filled with great and useful stuff and not too much either...sometimes I find boxes just filled with crap that ends up sitting there. And there's always something neat, like the orgone pyramid and I love getting a new stone. Bonus...I always smell so nice now, ha.
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by Jamie written 10 months ago
I have gotten two months of boxes from Goddess Provisions and both boxes have been incredibly practical and useful. My daughters and I love each of the products. I have subscribed and unsubscribed to so many monthly subscription boxes but this one has by far been my favorite. Definitely a keeper!
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Great box
by WENDY written 10 months ago
The box I received introduced me to some great items. The price is reasonable and I'll be happy to get more boxes in the future.
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Absolutely in love!
by HelenaMarin written 10 months ago
Every box is unique and amazing. I am so glad to be apart of the Goddess Provisions!!
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