Goddess Provisions
Monthly box with crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products & spiritual tools

Plans as low as $33.00 $27.75 / month

Goddess Provisions Reviews

4.9 of 5 stars
My happy box!
by Kim written Nov 15, 2018
I have been so delighted with this box! So far I have received 2 and the items included are great quality. Shipping is quick and seamless. In fact I just signed up my daughter. When I come home and see that little purple box my heart skips a beat!
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So in love
by Kelsey written Nov 15, 2018
I have been using Goddess Provisions now for almost a year and have love every single box. There is something special and exciting about getting a new box each month. The aromatherapy's they send are high quality and the crystals each month are gorgeous.
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My Monthly Self Care Ritual
by Erin written Nov 15, 2018
I get so excited every month, when I see that beautiful package waiting for me!! I set aside some time for myself to open and explore the contents. This is my self care ritual each month, which inevitably leads to more ritual and self care using the amazing selection of tools I receive! I don’t always love every item, but love gifting the items that I don’t resonate with, to others!
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The highlight of every month!
by Nynne written Nov 15, 2018
Words cant not describe the joy i feel with every months box. Its totally worth it and i love the fact that each monthly box is designed with a theme to help support spiritual growth, selfcare and leaves you with hours worth of quality luxurious joy! I Can truely reccomend this box to any goddess out there
So impressed!
by Holly written Nov 12, 2018
I was very impressed with my first box. The quality and the thought in the items made me glad I subscribed. Excited for the next one!
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by Kat written Nov 10, 2018
I’ve received two boxes so far and I absolutely love them. The themes are so creative and their customer service is on point.
Awesome subscription box
by Sharise written Nov 09, 2018
I knew right away this was the perfect subscription box for me . Thank you so much for putting together such a creative theme box . You can tell this company really honors their work and cares for the quality of products in each box . Wonderful job on putting together the theme for the month . You won’t be disappointed ! I’ll be gifting this box to atleast two people for Xmas . Thank you so much :)
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Absolutely Thrilled!!!
by Charlotte written Nov 03, 2018
It just seems like someone knows exactly what I love as each month so far been receiving some wonderful items as I feel there is so much thought, consideration that goes in these boxes in giving you the very best! I am so pleased and yes THRILLED to the max! I'm a fan forever <3
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by SR written Oct 31, 2018
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Luscious fun
by Jessica written Oct 19, 2018
I love receiving my Goddess Provisions box every month- there’s so much goodness to delight in, it’s like my birthday every month! I would buy most of these types of products anyways, so it’s cool to be introduced to new products this way.
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