Goddess Provisions
Monthly box with crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products & spiritual tools

$33.00+ / month

Goddess Provisions Reviews

4.9 of 5 stars
by Shauna written 11 months ago
Absolutely love the Goddess Provisions box! Amazing value and so much love! It always has something to cater to what I need at that time. So grateful!
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Best Subscription Box I've seen!
by Maria written 11 months ago
This is the only subscription box I receive. It always has a great assortment of items; crystals, aroma therapy items, snacks, beauty items, candles, fun stickers and patches- so much! It arrives packaged really nicely too. With a lot of boxes I feel like things you never use pile up and it becomes wasteful, with Goddess Provisions I use everything!
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Feeling connected
by Alexandra written 11 months ago
I always look forward to receiving my goddess provisions box. I love learning new things, trying new products and also receiving products that I can share with my friends knowing they will enjoy them just as much as me. I've tried a lot of subscription boxes in the past but Goddess Provisions is by far my favorite! Thank you!
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Simply amazing!
by Nicole written 11 months ago
Goddess Provisions, ahhh what can I say to explain how awesome this box is without writing a novel!? It's the highlight of my month, I get so excited, like butterflies in my tummy kind of excited, everytime I see that renewal notice in my email. The companies that they partner with are magical and their products are beautifully created and some life changing as well. Crystals, essential oil blends, yummy organic treats, candles, beauty products, and so much more! I even got my aunt hooked and I'm thinking we'll be life long subscribers 😊 love and light to all 💖
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Such a fun box!
by Chelsie written 11 months ago
I've love getting this box! Each month is a new surprise centered around a great theme. There's a lot of variety in the type of products you receive every month; from beauty items, candles, oils, CHOCOLATE!, and much more. Shipping as always been fast and reliable too.
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Love it!
by Erin written 11 months ago
This is the 2nd subscription box I've tried and the only one I've kept subscribing to. I absolutely love it! The shipping is quick, the products are lovely and unique, I look forward to seeing what each month brings :)
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Love Goddess Provisions
by Amanda written 11 months ago
These boxes are the best! I love following on Instagram for sneak peeks and good vibes. I've gotten several times that I use ALL THE TIME - my all time favorite so far being a piece of polychrome jasper. I highly recommend this fun, magical box to anyone wanting a great surprise. The price is very reasonable and the goods are fantastic quality!
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Enjoying each month!
by Geraldine written 11 months ago
I look forward to the beginning of each month! Love their boxes and themes. In every box there will always be something you will love and it will not be only one product. This is something your inner goddess needs. It's a must try!
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Amazing !!!
by Erin written 11 months ago
Never a disappointment. The products are quality and all very unique. Everything is packaged beautifully and arrives always the first week of the month. I couldn't be more happy with this subscription. It's well worth it and I recommend it to people on a daily basis.
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So awesome!!!
by Rachel written 11 months ago
I've been following Goddess Provisions on IG for a while now and have just been amazed by all of the boxes they had in the past. One day I decided to treat myself and got the mermaid box. I couldn't be more happy with it! I love the all natural aspects of the items and I especially love the beautiful healing stones they offer. I can't wait to get the next one!
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