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4.9 of 5 stars
by Hope written Apr 10, 2017
I decided to try out the box as a gift to myself since I hardly ever go shopping... and it was a decision I have yet to regret. I told myself I would stop after a couple of months, but here we are almost a year later. The box comes full of goodies ranging from delicious snacks, to beauty and skin products, crystals, candles, the list goes on and on. They do a great job of changing up the items each month so that you're never bored. Each month also has a unique theme to it, which also keeps it from being repetitive. It's packed full of things that you use and love, you just wouldn't have found them most likely on your own. It takes the inconvenience out of shopping, and also is like a present to yourself each month. And who doesn't deserve that? :)
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by HAILEY written Apr 09, 2017
This Mermaid Magic box was my first from Goddess Provisions. I really thought that the value of everything was awesome. Large sizes and even my Ruby in Fuschite was larger than expected. For me, the point of these boxes is to expose myself to items I may not normally purchase, or don't have easy access to. This box filled those needs and more! I purchased a box of Raw Revolution Spirulina bars after sampling the one included for March! Love it!
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So much joy in one box!
by Allison written Apr 09, 2017
The Goddess Provisions Mermaid March box is amazing, it is definitely a splash, I mean win, with me. I smile a lot, but when I open my monthly box, my smile and giggles know no end! The mermaid theme for March is wonderful, each thoughtfully picked item embodies this theme to make you feel like a mermaid goddess in or out of the water. I look forward to each new them every month!
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by Sofia written Apr 09, 2017
Goddess provision's box is always full of wonderful surprises. If you're into crystal's then chances are this box is right for you. You always receive a beautiful crystal inside each box, along with magickal goodies for the soul the skin and even a healthy snack :)❤
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Awesome subscription
by Shiobvan written Apr 08, 2017
Absolutely love the April Sun Worshipper box! Filled with really good coconut cookies, crystal pyramid, body mist, and healthy additive tonic to add to a drink! Also received perfume and a sun stone. Lovely energies. Looking forward to more!
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Goddess Provisions March Mermaid Box <3
by Jessica written Apr 07, 2017
I absolutely loved everything about the March Mermaid box. Number 1 I am obsessed with Mermaids. Number 2 the sage was perfect to help cleanse our home Number 3 the crystal was gorgeous! Absolutely one of the best things ever. I look forward to my box every month and I cannot wait to get home and see what is inside my April Box!
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Awesome Experience
by Lauralye written Apr 07, 2017
The box is a little more expensive than I typically allow myself to spend on subscription boxes, but after a few months of awesome boxes, I cancelled all my other subs in order to keep this going. I love that these are packed with a lot of handmade items, beautiful crystals/stones, and oils. Also their social media presence is on point and fun to follow. Already have found some products I can't live without like crystal bar soap, and meow meow tweet deodorant---as well as some life changing oil blends. I'm not a huge fan of the sweet treats, but just throw them in my fellah's lunch pail so they don't go to waste. Keeping this for the foreseeable future.
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Goddess Experience
by Becky written Apr 07, 2017
I've been subscribing now for 3 months and have been so impressed with each months' box! There certainly is a wonderful energy that washes over you when you open the box, you can tell that it was packed with love and attention to detail of all the items that are picked every month. I would definitely recommend subscribing to this wonderful goddess experience!
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by Amy written Apr 07, 2017
It's easy for me to forget to treat myself like the love of my own life, sometimes. Tried a couple of beauty boxes before, but I'm just not in to anti wrinkle cream and nail polish, I guess. This box is perfect for me, once a month it shows up like a birthday present and I remember that I'm pretty awesome! There is always stuff inside perfectly curated to make me smile. So far I've received lovely stones, pretty spritzes, candles and years and all with a glossy card that identifies each item. This box is one hundred percent goddess inducing wonderful.
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by Kaci written Apr 07, 2017
Everything in the box is amazing and nothing goes to waste. If you're considering this box, trust me, it's the one.
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