Goddess Provisions
Monthly box with crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products & spiritual tools

$33.00+ / month

Goddess Provisions Reviews

4.9 of 5 stars
Do this for yourself!
by Felicia written last year
I love getting Goddess Provisions! It is like a special treat for myself that someone else has prepared. You'll enjoy trying this box!
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Magical! 🍃
by ImeldaBarron written last year
I signed up for the Goddess Provisions box in January and instantly fell in love and realized I had made a good decision in subscribing. The products are top quality and so unique and beautifully crafted. I truly feel like a Goddess when using the amazing products, especially this months February box with the kava spray and tea blend. I can't wait for next Month's box!!!
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February Goddess Box
by Jennifer written last year
I just received my February goddess box this week and I am in love. I recently signed up after seeing so many great reviews through social media and I have been impressed with every box. I have yet to use all the goodies in this box but, so far my favorite is the mineral infused lip gloss. I have been looking for a perfect clear lip gloss for awhile and this one gives the right amount of sparkle.
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by Jamie written last year
I adored my very first box in December and they somehow have continued to get better and better!
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A bit of sunshine every month
by Monica written last year
From the very first box I was hooked, receiving it makes gloomy days brighter and awesome days sparkle. The quality of every product I've gotten has been stellar, and it really feels like they are intuitively picked. The crystals are so in line with what I need at the time. The snacks and teas are crave inducing. And I can't get enough of the oils and beauty products, crystal infused lipgloss FTW! Even if I get something I'm not a huge fan of, I pass it on and am able to brighten another goddess' day. Seriously sunshine every time.
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by Meredith written last year
This was such a great box of goodies! I'm amazed at how many of the products I love. The Ommie Snacks bar was so nice to slip into my purse and know that I had an emergency food source for when I ended up somewhere unprepared. It was tasty and healthy! The Awaken Essential Oils blend is amazing, and I use it anytime I have a singing gig so I know that I will be releasing my truth! The pendulum is such a fantastic piece, and I've wanted one like this for a very long time. These are just a few of my favorites. It's so nice to know that Goddess Provisions sources such fantastic products that are clean and beneficial for our lives!
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by Harmonie written last year
I love my first box that I got in January, and I cannot wait to receive my second box this month. All of the items were special, but my favorite is the pendulum that has a garnet on it, because that is my birth stone, and I ordered my first box for myself for my birthday! I am looking forward to continuing to receive this box, which allows me to feel good about treating myself! Great job Goddess Provisions, best subscription box ever!
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Monthly bundle of joy
by Frances written last year
I look forward every month to getting my Goddess Provisions box ! I get the greatest treats/ beautiful crystals ! Perfect for my spiritual journey i'm on ! Thank you for making me smile !
A little piece of heaven
by Summer written last year
I looooove receiving these goddess provisions! They help me further my connection with spirit while sparking my inner goddess. I can't wait until march for next one! Love!!! You must sign up!
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by Amanda written last year
January was my first box! I was so excited to receive it. I was not disappointed at all. What great products that come in the box! I'm all for this box and even got a few of my friends interested!
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