Goddess Provisions
Monthly box with crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products & spiritual tools

$33.00+ / month

Goddess Provisions Reviews

4.9 of 5 stars
by Amanda written last year
January was my first box! I was so excited to receive it. I was not disappointed at all. What great products that come in the box! I'm all for this box and even got a few of my friends interested!
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Absolutely fantastic!:)
by Cora written last year
I am so excited each month to recieve this subscription box, it is well worth a monthly payment. I love all the items in the boxes they are super unique and use each item from the box. This is a great monthly box and I absolutely love the customer service, they are very personal and professional!
by Alan written last year
I love these boxes. One drawback is that I live in Canada, and I have to pay an extra $10 for shipping. Overall, I really enjoy everything. I love getting a crystal every time. I also love the sample products. The roller ball oils always smell great. I really love getting stuff like shampoo and face masks. You get a couple of uses out of them. I don't really like pins and patches. I would much rather get another crystal or more beauty or pampering products instead. Overall, it's a good deal, but I always wait a little later in the month to order, if I order. That way I can read some reviews on Instagram and find out if it's something that I want for that month. I especially like that you don't have to subscribe!
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by CaitCorcoran written last year
I cannot compliment this subscription box enough. Every item I've received over the last few months is of the best quality and picked with extreme thoughtfulness. Also, as a newly practicing Wiccan, this box has been perfect for me. The pendulum I received last month was the most gorgeous thing EVER.
by Elizabeth written last year
There's nothing better than tapping into your feminine divinity! These boxes have just the tools to do so. I like how natural everything is and that it is always vegan!!! I started my crystal collection because of these boxes. My boyfriend always gets excited to see what crystal I have next! They're such a nice gift to give yourself each month.
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I love Goddess Boxes!
by Candace written last year
My boxes that I've received from Goddess Provisions have been divine! I'm never disappointed and I feel the amount of quality items in the boxes is worth so much more than the cost. I used to buy crystals, but now I just get them delivered to my doorstep, and it seems to always be what I need at that time. The January box was one of my favourites! Highly recommend ✨❤️✨
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A Box Made for Goddesses
by Sabrina written last year
This subscription box is like no other! It is absolutely amazing and packed with wonderful products. It's a great way to slowly grow your crystal collection and a great way to discover new wellness oriented products. The product sizes are great - recently I got an entire package of bath salts that will last for multiple occasions! I've never been so excited to receive a subscription box. If you only choose one - Goddess Provisions is a must have!
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Love love!
by shaelyn written last year
Beautiful monthly boxes ! Such unique little gifts that I appreciate so much. And some can even be keep sakes, not just couple time use and they're done. 💖
by Taylor written last year
I've never really had a box like this before. I'm still new to crystals and chakras so this box is a great way to get introduced to them! From stones and crystals to snacks and other beauty goodies, the things in this box always make my day. I enjoy getting to try new and natural things each month. Plus any oils and things with scents always smell so nice! (I love things that smell good). I'm excited to see where these boxes take me throughout the year.
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by Brittany written last year
So far I have gotten 3 boxes and have yet to be disappointed! These boxes are so well thought out and put together. I love opening my box and looking at all the wonderful goodies inside of it!
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