Goddess Provisions
Monthly box with crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products & spiritual tools

$33.00+ / month

Goddess Provisions Reviews

4.9 of 5 stars
Great things come in purple packages!
by EmilyThomsen written last year
This is the best monthly box!!! It never gets old because they are always striving to bring you new and beautiful things. I've never received products that I couldn't use--even if there is something I don't need personally they make amazing and thoughtful gifts. Everything is such high quality and supports ethical businesses. I can't get enough!!! Goddess box is money well spent!
by Beth written last year
I absolutely adore Goddess Provisions. I'm so completely hooked. Every month I get this magical box of goodies that help my inner goddess shine. This month I received some fantastic lavender infused chocolate (who doesn't love chocolate, and a night time treat to help lull you to sleep?!), an amazing essential roll on, the best smelling lip gloss that is infused with flowers and crystals (yes, seriously), and MORE. I can't recommend it enough. You'll absolutely love it. Treat yo self, Goddess!
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Awesome subscription box
by Megan written last year
I definitely recommend any and all subscription boxes from Goddess Provisions. Each wonderfully curated box feels complete due to the variety in products that still work with that box's theme.
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Goddess Boxes
by Tonya written last year
I have gotten my Goddess boxes the last 3 months. Absolutely love the beautiful stones, the natural raw chocolates, the lip gloss makes your lips so soft. The Facial Scrubs leaves your face refreshed, relaxing clarity bath bag, the 1 hour break is Awesome! The Flora roll on essentials is a heavenly scent. The Technican of the Sacred Sticker collection they are so pretty on my window. The bad girl, good girl Tea is so relaxing it helps you connect to your inner Goddess! I can't wait for the March box to come!
by Melissa written last year
I absolutely love the Goddess box. This was my first subscription, it was awesome. My favorite was the chakra oil, and the bath stuff!
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The best subscription box
by Jordan written last year
I've gotten so many subscription boxes, yet Goddess Provisions is the only one that is always amazing every month! This box is full of positive energy! I highly recommend it!
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by Michaela written last year
I adore these boxes. Right now this is my only subscription box I get and I look forward to them coming in each month. I have fallen in love with so many products in these boxes... My son and I have lots of food sensitivities and allergies and this has helped us find things we like as well as holistic new things for wellness and spirituality. I am so happy with these boxes... I don't see myself unsubscribing from these boxes anytime soon! Thank you Goddess Provisions!
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The best part of my mail every month!
by Pamela written last year
I honestly look forward to receiving this box every month! I love the mix of spirituality, self care and optimal wellness that this box promotes. I also love that it is introducing me to new concepts (such as crystals, chakra oils, etc.) that I can add to my current spiritual practice. Plus the snacks are so yummy and healthy (and usually gluten-free, which is important to me as a Celiac) that it's letting me explore great chocolate and snack brands I've never heard of before. If you want something that will lift your spirits and perk you up every month, treat yourself (or better yet, have someone treat you) to this incredible subscription box!
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So much happiness in one box. ❤
by Shana written last year
I did a lot of reasearch in the past few months before choosing Goddess Provisions as my subscription box. I have been going through a rough time financially and am finally becoming stable again, my previous subscription box experience was with a $10 box from another company so to me $33 seemed like a lot of money, but I am so glad I chose this company! It's well worth it. I did it as a gift for myself for all the hard work I've been doing and I eagerly awaited my first box's arrival, it's great that the products are not limited to one use or sample sizes and the variety caters to so many of my interests. I am dying with anticipation to receive my February box and many many more to come.
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Thoughtfully curated
by Sarah written last year
This box is an excellent way to create opportunities for self-care to keep you on track, try new goodies, and add beauty to your home and life. They work hard to keep a balance between beauty, bath, spiritual, and just plain fun(ny) items! If you are someone who dreams of living a more spiritual, mindful life but can't spend lots of money trying new products, then this is the box for you. Even if money isn't a concern, this box will introduce you to an excellent range of products to encourage you to take better care of yourself, from the inside out.
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