Goddess Provisions
Monthly box with crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products & spiritual tools

$33.00+ / month

Goddess Provisions Reviews

4.9 of 5 stars
Pure Bliss in a Box
by Alexandria written Apr 12, 2017
I am on my second box, and I am a big fan of everything. The uniqueness of the subscription is what caught my eye and will keep me hooked!
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by Vera written Apr 12, 2017
The March Mermaid Box was my first and will most definitely be buying more. It is like sending a surprise gift to yourself and it was amazing. There are so many things in each box, cosmetic products, crystals, and all natural! I love love love and would 100% recommend to any goddess :)
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Feeling like a Goddess!
by NicoleMeyer written Apr 11, 2017
I subscribed to Goddess Provisons in January to receive the monthly box. I am a single mother, and don't do many things for MYSELF and it's literally the best money I have ever spent. All of the products are wonderful. It's so nice to have something to look forward to every month. (:
I truly feel like a Goddess!
by Jennifer written Apr 10, 2017
Every time I get my Goddess Provisions box in the mail I'm so excited to open it! Once open I truly feel like a Goddess that's been blessed with so many amazing gifts! I just created a work space in my spare bedroom and the candles, stones, and sprays make working much less drab!
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My boyfriend steals my crystals...
by Jennifer written Apr 10, 2017
I started out with a three month subscription, to dip my toe in the proverbial water. I am pretty sure when the first box came, my love thought that "Goddess Provisions" consisted of tampons, chocolate, and Midol. Now that he knows that it is an assortment of awesomeness, he raids my provisions... April's sunstone is now in his pocket. Well, his credit card just bought me a year's subscription for my birthday. Seriously, each box has been a beautiful, groovy composition that undoubtedly nourishes my inner goddess! Love, love, love!
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Happiness is checking the mailbox...
by Anna written Apr 10, 2017
This gift subscription was actually recommended to me through a co-worker as I had noticed her bringing in all these cool and unique items. It was pretty much love at first subscription...so far I have gotten monthly boxes and have been THRILLED with each one. Sure there have been some items that I like more than other, but overall am so excited each month to receive this box. I am one that strongly believes in self-care and that sometimes it takes a little magic (e.g., subscription to Goddess Provisions) to really integrate that self-care into practice! Thanks Jill for you uncanny ability to delivery quality and magic, one box at a time!!
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by Hope written Apr 10, 2017
I decided to try out the box as a gift to myself since I hardly ever go shopping... and it was a decision I have yet to regret. I told myself I would stop after a couple of months, but here we are almost a year later. The box comes full of goodies ranging from delicious snacks, to beauty and skin products, crystals, candles, the list goes on and on. They do a great job of changing up the items each month so that you're never bored. Each month also has a unique theme to it, which also keeps it from being repetitive. It's packed full of things that you use and love, you just wouldn't have found them most likely on your own. It takes the inconvenience out of shopping, and also is like a present to yourself each month. And who doesn't deserve that? :)
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by HAILEY written Apr 09, 2017
This Mermaid Magic box was my first from Goddess Provisions. I really thought that the value of everything was awesome. Large sizes and even my Ruby in Fuschite was larger than expected. For me, the point of these boxes is to expose myself to items I may not normally purchase, or don't have easy access to. This box filled those needs and more! I purchased a box of Raw Revolution Spirulina bars after sampling the one included for March! Love it!
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So much joy in one box!
by Allison written Apr 09, 2017
The Goddess Provisions Mermaid March box is amazing, it is definitely a splash, I mean win, with me. I smile a lot, but when I open my monthly box, my smile and giggles know no end! The mermaid theme for March is wonderful, each thoughtfully picked item embodies this theme to make you feel like a mermaid goddess in or out of the water. I look forward to each new them every month!
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by Sofia written Apr 09, 2017
Goddess provision's box is always full of wonderful surprises. If you're into crystal's then chances are this box is right for you. You always receive a beautiful crystal inside each box, along with magickal goodies for the soul the skin and even a healthy snack :)❤
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