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Absolutely dissapointed

by Anne-laure F., Feb 25, 2019

I was really waiting for my box and had some expectations.
1st: I received it 10 days later because of the shipping in Canada
2nd: I was really surprised to see a super small box
3rd: The total value is probably around 10 $US and far away from "100$"
4th : Like some other products in the web, the pictures on the website and socialmedia looks WAY MORE better than the reality.

-The crystal is not a really good one ( I'm used to buy somes),
- I received some chocolates - no link with spirituality-
-the "wodden crystal sphere" is absolutely cheap and certainly not in wood. If you want a really good one you actually have to buy one with "the special code".
- The" cosmic dust spray" is just a small plastic bottle with water smelling miont inside and a label !!!

Well, they obvisouly have a superb marketing team and strategy trough Instagram, newsletter and editorial content.
But at the end the product themselves are absolutely cheap, not spiritual or sacred.
I totally recommand to AVOID this box. It's just marketing business toward a target who does not have deep knowledge about spiritually and buy Dream, hope and a brand trough instagram.

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Goddess Provisions said...
Mar 01, 2019
Thanks for your feedback Anne-Laure. We aim to ship all boxes within 1-4 business days after each month begins. Sometimes the boxes get held up in customs, which I know isn't fun. I wish we had more control over international shipping delays. We're focused on providing lots of value and high-quality products to our subscribers by working with partners who use organic, all natural ingredients and often hand-make their products with a whole lot of love and care. Our Cosmic Connections Box was packed with items that totaled up to a retail value of over $100+ including a cute celestial pillowcase. The crystal sphere stand is made with a mix of oiled woods so it's durable and the Cosmic Dust Spray features ingredients like Pomegranate & MCT Coconut Oil along with a blend of organic essential oils. I'm very sorry to hear this box wasn't a good fit for you but I hope you'll enjoy what's coming next! Wishing you all the best!

What's with the 1-stars? So funny!

by Rayne R., Feb 19, 2019

Most of them are SUUUPER nitpicky or totally on the fault of the subscriber, lol!
I LOVE this box, and have come back to it every time I possibly could after having to buckle down and unsubscribe for a little while.
These guys n gals are great at what they do, and I'm ALWAYS super excited for the next box! Rather than asking "what am I gonna do with this," you ought to keep an open mind and try something new for a change! Isn't this kinda why most of us went to try this type of subscription in the first place?

I think I may have even already reviewed this box a couple years ago when I first got it...but my memory is foggy. Guess if that's the case I'm just stopping by to spread some love again!~
Keep it up, GP! ♡♡♡

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Fantastic Boxes

by Faith J., Feb 18, 2019

I absolutely love getting these boxes in the mail! They are very special, unique, & fun. Everything is great quality & thoughtfully chosen. I’m excited to get the 3rd box!!!!!

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by Letha B., Feb 17, 2019

My first Goddess Provisions box did not dissappoint! I love it so far!

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by Gina S., Feb 17, 2019

Absolutely love goddess provisions! Each month is unique yet consistent with quality every time. I love the vegan products and getting turned on to new cute companies that they feature.

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Carefully Curated Spiritual Boxes

by Alessia C., Feb 15, 2019

Goddess Provisions is not just a subscription box, it's a chance to take time to get to know yourself and your place in the universe better. I have subscribed to plenty of different boxes in the past, but I always cancel them. Not this one, however. Goddess Provisions does a wonderful job of creating a themed box each month that focuses on some aspect of spirituality or awareness, and provides you with tools that can help you nurture that part of your being. Crystals are always included in one way or another, and always relate to the theme. Meaning that if the theme is abundance (for example), you will receive a crystal that can help you manifest that into your life. Each item is carefully picked from other small businesses that put love and care into their items, so you know that you're not only supporting an amazing box company, but also a group of artisan crafters who work hard to create items that uplift and inspire. I am continuously excited and delighted by this box, and will be continuing to subscribe for a long time to come.

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best spiritual subscription box on here!

by Courtney S., Feb 15, 2019

I was gifted a box last year and I loved it so much I signed up for a subscription. First I love the ethics of Goddess Provisions- everything is vegan and the businesses support their community and/or the world at large ❣️. And you can't beat the price for ALL you get 💝. When it is a bottle of something it is usually a full size or generous size bottle 😮! They range from oils to sprays. The items are things I actually LOVE using, so much I have emailed the businesses to thank them for not only the generous sizes but participating in the box because I was able to discover something new for my life. To give an example of some of the items you get for this awesome price- oracle decks (so far I got 3 or 4!), smudge sprays, crystals, fair trade/organic treats (chocolate and teas), altar cloths, candles, carved crystal grid layouts, flower/crystal essences, vibrational room sprays and so much more 💖. these boxes are curated to perfection and they arrive within the first few days of the month so you really can align with the theme energies. I absolutely am overjoyed to be a subscriber, may thanks to the curators of the amazing monthly blessing boxes!

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Goddess Provisions is Woke

by Nadine D., Feb 14, 2019

I absolutely adore EVERY item, EVERY month! The items always tie in perfectly with my intentions and they’re so beautiful! This is by far the best box I’ve ever subscribed to!

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Goddess box

by Brandon V., Feb 14, 2019

Amazing products and awesome staff. Look forward to all the new trinkets inside the box every month. Thanks for creating this service and when are we going to collaborate on GOD box for men......

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Their boxes are awesome!

by Terri O., Feb 14, 2019

This month's box was the best yet. All are well worth the money paid. Each is well thought out and the themes show that every month.

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