Goddess Provisions
Monthly box with crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products & spiritual tools

$33.00+ / month

Goddess Provisions Reviews

4.9 of 5 stars
I love this box so much!!
by Kristin written last year
I signed up in December and have received that box and the January box. I was completely sold after the December box! Everything in the box is amazing! It's all very high quality and beautiful and the customer service is excellent! I can't say enough good things about this wonderful box! I look forward to it every month now!
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A Box Fit For A Goddess
by Stefanie written last year
I have been a Goddess Provisions Box member since November and it's like every new box is better than the last one! I absolutely LOVE the scented oils and crystals! The tea and organic healthy treats are awesome as well! The herbal bath items and shampoo/soapberries are so cool in the latest box I love how I get to try so many new organic and eco friendly products! Everything that comes I absolutely adore there has not been one thing in any of my boxes that I didn't like. I'm so happy I found this monthly subscription to items I will actually use and appreciate. Thank you so much Jill for putting together a special subscription box for all of us goddesses out there!
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Awesome boxes!
by Sara written last year
I have been receiving goddess provisions boxes for 7 months and love them. Every month is better than the last and the special edition boxes are also amazing. I have learned a lot about so many fascinating topics, discovered favorite new companies, sampled yummy vegan treats, indulged in self care rituals and expanded my spiritual awareness through these boxes. Thank you Goddess Provisions for curating such thoughtful and diverse boxes month after month. I look forward to many more surprises coming my way in the mail.
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Closing the year with a celibratory box!
by Allison written last year
Goddess Provisions has done it again!!! The December Celebration box brought tonz of excitement and appreciation to my heart. Every new crystal is a boost to my collection (I cannot get enough, and I am learning much more about crystals), my range of beauty products without toxins has grow so much, I have learned so much about new products that have made improvements on my life and that in turn supports small businesses, getting the monthly box is so wonderful. I came across Goddess Provisions at the perfect time in my life, it may sound silly, but it really added that sparkle I dearly needed to help me through a hard time in my life. Much love to Goddess Provisions, their creativity, thoughtfulness, inspiration, and great products!!! 💜
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Wonderful Box
by Kelsey written last year
I found out about Goddess Provisions from a YouTuber I watch. Since signing up, I have not been disappointed. This service is great and I love all the products I get. I have recommended them to friends and show off the goods of each box to them.
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All your inner goddess needs
by Michele written last year
I've received 3 months of boxes and a special Mercury retrograde box so far. I've truly enjoyed my monthly goddess goods.
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Something to Look Forward to
by Traci written last year
I've subscribed now to goddessprovisions for about 6 months and I have never been disappointed. I'm not big on subscription services as a general rule, but I saw someone post a pic of their box on Instagram and I couldn't resist! It's like Jill can read my mind and surprise me with things I love and even things I didn't know I wanted until I got them. Crystals, essential oils, raw vegan snacks, an all natural roll on scent that drives ny husband wild (sorry tmi) a pendulum! Its everything me. It's something I look forward to getting each month. 3 of my kids insist on being present for every unboxing 😊. They think it's awesome too.
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Another amazing box!
by Anjanette written last year
I received my first box in December and it was like an early Christmas with so many goodies. This box is worth the $$$ with a mix of items that work together well.
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I love this box!!
by Gale written last year
I love how Goddess Provisions constantly surprises me every month with this wonderful box! I enjoy the essential oils, the crystals, the snacks...I am continually delighted and amazed with this box!! My favorite box of all of my subscriptions (and I have many subs)!!!
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Really Great Boxes!
by Maria written last year
I could not be happier with Goddess Provisions! Every box has new innovative items to play with. The boxes arrive so nicely and there is always something to ooh and ahh over. This is by far the best monthly subscription I have ever gotten or seen!
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