Goddess Provisions
Monthly box with crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products & spiritual tools

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Goddess Provisions Reviews

4.9 of 5 stars
Goddess Provisions never disappoints
by Jennifer written Apr 06, 2017
I absolutely love every Goddess Provisions box that I have gotten! They are always full of things I love! I am especially happy that I can be sure all the products are vegan and cruelty free. I love the crystals, the beauty products, snacks, and everything else! I can't wait to receive my box every month! It's one of the best treats that I could give myself, and truly reminds me what a goddess I am. I highly recommend that you sign up for this one! 🙏❤✨🙂
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Each one is better than the last! 😊
by Lauren written Apr 06, 2017
I absolutely love Goddess Provisions! I have ordered a few boxes so far this year, and ordered an additional mermaid themed box for a Goddess friend. She was beyond thrilled! It makes a truly amazing gift. Also each month the items in the Goddess boxes are more and more delightful ~ the company does listen intently to reviews so it appears! 😄 I love seeing essential oil blends, harm-free beauty products (the mermaid face mask is a must have!!) and really fine minerals. Can't wait for my box to arrive today!! Love xoxo
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Love! Love! Love!
by Melissa written Apr 06, 2017
I am insanely happy with the items I've gotten in my Goddess boxes! I love the crystals, which I never would have looked for and purchased on my own. And the fact that I get to try vegan products from of all different brands is the best part! Everything I've gotten so far has been amazing and sends out positive, happy vibes! Forever a subscriber! 🙏
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by Joanne written Apr 06, 2017
This box is my favorite way to try new things. I looooove the aromatherapy, teas and self-care products. Being a mom comes with stress, and Goddess Provisions is my vacation in a box.
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By far the best box I have subscribed to
by Stacy written Apr 06, 2017
I have signed up for many subscription boxes before, Goddess provisions has been one of my top faves! I love that the company is compassionate about their products and the products show for it! I signed up before knowing what February's theme was my daughter and I LOVED it! I already am a crystal hoarder so this is one of my favorite items in these boxes! Anyone looking for awesome products please check Goddess Provisions out! )0(
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by Anna-Marie written Apr 06, 2017
Absolutely love Goddess Provisions!!! They always seem to know what I need when I need it most!
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In 💜 with Goddess Provisions!
by Amber written Apr 06, 2017
I have been receiving my monthly boxes for about 6 months now and I LOVE THEM! I look forward to checking the mail when I know it's in there! This box has opened up so many mindful windows for me. Especially for items I cant find or trust from random websites. I also love how instructions in how to use or reorder come with the items. I think the box comes with the perfect amount of items as well! I will definitely be holding on to my subscription for as long as I can! Love & light everyone! 🔮
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February box! Amazing!!
by Lorena written Apr 06, 2017
This was my first box ever and I was so so excited to get it! I absolutely loved the theme this month and all the goodies inside the box! I've been looking a while for a subscription box but I couldn't find a one that really appealed and then I stumbled upon Goddess Provisions and i fell in love immediately! It has all the products and tools anyone could ever wish for! I also live for the element of surprise that comes with each box! Can't wait to receive the April one! Eeek! I recommend it completely and it's sooo worth it! Sending love and light to the goddess behind these amazing packages, keep doing what you do! <3
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by Priscilla written Apr 06, 2017
I had been following Goddess Provisions on IG for only a day before I decided to get my first box! I'm a big crystal and aromatherapy junkje and never even thought there would be a subscription box like this at all!!! Each box is definitely worth the price, like it's such a steal since the quality of the products is so great! Last month's mermaid box made me sooo happy since I'm a Pisces 💛 I love how GP is all about natural skincare too. The toner that came in last month's box is absolutely amazing and I am definitely going to order another through Moon Magic! I could keep going but to end I'd like to highly recommend GP! I will definitely be sticking with them!
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by Shauna written Apr 06, 2017
Absolutely love the Goddess Provisions box! Amazing value and so much love! It always has something to cater to what I need at that time. So grateful!
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