Goddess Provisions
Monthly box with crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products & spiritual tools

$33.00+ / month

Goddess Provisions Reviews

4.9 of 5 stars
by Madison written 2 years ago
I'm only two months in but in absolute joy about my first two months! I never thought I'd be interested in a subscription box of this sort, but truly this box is AMAZING for all the hippie/witchy/spiritual goddess ladies out there! Every item I love and a huge bonus is that if for some reason you aren't super into something or already have something similar, you have AWESOME gifts on hand to bless your friends!
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Best box!!
by Lacy written 2 years ago
I love my subscription to Goddess Provisions monthly box!!! The price of each box and what you receive is a great deal!! The products are wonderful and the crystals are beautiful. If you're considering signing up to start receiving the monthly box then I would highly recommend doing so. You won't be disappointed. 😊 -Lacy
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Totally worth every penny
by Mila written 2 years ago
I must admit something: I absolutely LOVE presents and surprises. Although I am surrounded by wonderful and loving friends, lets face it, surprising me with gifts is not on their monthly agenda. However, with subscription boxes, I can get just that! Goddess Provisions is what made me sign up for subscription boxes in the first place. I was intrigued by the idea of receiving things that will in someway act as a tool or aid in my spiritual practice. All the items in each box are thoughtful selected and are of good quality (something I was skeptical about initially). I also love the fact that I support (and learn about) a bunch of different small business. Thanks so much Goddess Provisions! <3
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by Jane written 2 years ago
I absolutely love my subscription to Goddess Provisions. I can't wait each month to receive my box and see what beautiful, hand-crafted, wonderful products are included. I have only received three and am completely hooked. It is a lovingly put together gift to myself each month <3
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Absolute best box
by Jennifer written 2 years ago
I have tried a lot of different boxes and this one has been the BEST. I love that it always has things made by people and women like me. It supports the small businesses too because I end up buying from the shops that are featured in the boxes. I will be a loooong time customer. Great price for what we receive.
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The most beautiful gift for you...
by Elizabeth written 2 years ago
Goddess Provisions has such a lovely thing going on here... they truly know what they are doing. All the boxes have a general theme and something to look forward to every single month. Every single item I have been given has been used or is being used... not because I payed for it but because I genuinely LOVE every single item they have given out in each box. I love the little postcards they also include giving a description on each item included in the box. I tried to make sure to save every one of them for future reference if I ever do want to re-purchase one of the lovely products they chose. Thank you Goddess Provisions for creating a vegan, cruelty-free monthly box... it's also hard being a vegan and finding vegan products... you make my job a little easier by doing it for me. I really recommend this box if you want to tap into your spirituality and learn about crystals and chakras and all of the like. It's a subscription you will not regret! <3
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I love Goddess Provisions!
by CaraTracy written 2 years ago
I've received two boxes so far from Goddess Provisions and love everything I've gotten. It's such a great way to learn about and try new products--and I will definitely buy some of these products again! Since subscribing to Goddess Provisions I actually find myself checking the calendar to see how close it is to the next month… and my next box!
A goddess dream!
by Allison written 2 years ago
I am so excited I found Goddess Provisions! Each month has the perfect combination of items to help make a stellar month. I love how each product is selected with care and meaning. It is so nice to be introduced to new wonderful items each month! Love love love Goddess Provisions!!!
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I love these boxes
by Jessica written 2 years ago
I look forward to my goddess box each month. I love to find new products and receive crystals in the mail to help me on my journey. Also I love the meditations that often accompany the products. It's a win/win because I regift what I don't care for or already have. So much joy in each box.
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Treat your inner Goddess
by Sheena written 2 years ago
This by far my favorite subscription box I've tried so far! I love that it takes care of my mind as well as my body. Theyve introduced me to great brands and small businesses that I may not have discovered otherwise. Products are always great quality. My favorite part of my box every month are the crystals! I love getting to add a beautiful crystal to my collection every month. Great job!
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