Goddess Provisions
Monthly box with crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products & spiritual tools

$33.00+ / month

Goddess Provisions Reviews

4.9 of 5 stars
by Caitlin written Jan 12, 2017
I've tried other subscription boxes before, and I usually unsubscribe after a couple of months, but I love EVERYTHING from the goddess provisions box! So worth it!
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Happiness is a box
by kae written Jan 12, 2017
I've been looking for a subscription box for a while now, and I've found it ♡ . Goddess provisions is great ! I get healthy snacks , fun new spiritual toys,and great aromatherapy blends that I'd never buy my self . The decent box had so many wonderful thing that I love . The crystal grid is so fantastic!
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Self-Love, Inspiration, and More!
by Sheri written Jan 12, 2017
I look forward to my Goddess Provisions boxes each month. They are beautiful, thoughtful, and full of love. They never seem to miss a beat! I love that everything is Vegan, spiritual, and allows you to channel your inner goddess. I dose of self-love each month delivered right to my mailbox. So good!!
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Best subscription box ever!
by Amanda written Jan 12, 2017
Before Goddess Provisions I had several other subscription boxes, however I ended up cancelling them because I got bored. With Goddess Provisions I'm never bored, every box is exciting and I end up enjoying every product that comes in it. I highly recommend this box it's well worth the money. Thank you Goddess Provisions I can't wait for my next box, thanks for making it feel like Christmas every month!
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Just lovely
by Bobbie written Jan 12, 2017
I look forward to my goddess box every month. It is just such a wonderful way to carve out some me time and self soothe. The products are new and novel and the crystals are beautiful.
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by Mercedes written Jan 12, 2017
I actually had ordered the December Goddess box for my daughter as a Christmas present for the first time. She is a very spiritual person and absolutely loved it. She knew exactly what was inside and was explaining it to me. I wouldn't mind getting her more in the future.
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In love
by Melissa written Jan 12, 2017
I am so in love with everything I've received from my monthly subscription from Goddess Provisions. Every month is different and special filled with vegan beauty products, essential oils, crystals, healthy treats and more! It's honestly something I look forward to every month and can't wait to open the box every time. Thank you Goddess Provisions!
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One of my favorites
by Stephanie written Jan 12, 2017
I've been getting the Goddess Box for a few months now and I love it! Even in the office chance there is a product I don't like, the rest of the box is still worth it. Packed with crystals, love, treats, and other products it's a treat and a great way to sample differnt brands. I love the all the essential oils I have gotten! I super recommend this box for anyone who is into crystals, spa type products, essential oils, and vegan treats. Fun, great customer support, and more than worth the cost!
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A true gift each month
by Jennifer written Jan 12, 2017
I usually trash or pass on to friends most of the items in subscription boxes but this one I have kept every single thing. Several items I have bought and I love learning about new brands I wouldn't normally come across. The boxes are curated beautifully and honestly I wish I could go back and buy some several sold before my subscription began.
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Delightfully surprised with every box!
by Sarah written Jan 12, 2017
I am so happy with every box I receive. Once I see that tracking email I get so excited because I just KNOW something amazing is on its way to me! Unlike other boxes I have been subscribed to, I use EVERYTHING in my Goddess Provisions box. This box has also turned me on to some great brands that offer products I can get behind 100%. Not only is the box awesome, but the customer service is phenomenal! If you ever have questions or something funky happens to your box, the Goddess Provisions team will take care of you. Trust your gut and get this box.
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