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The Gourmet Cupboard makes dinner a breeze!

A subscription box for the Mom, Dads, Grandparents, Teachers, Essential Workers or anyone on the go. Our mixes just take a few other ingredients to make breakfast, lunch, dinner or family get togethers a breeze.

Customer Questions (3)


Q: I ordered a box for my daughter and it was never delivered. I just got an email that the subscription expired. Any thoughts?Asked by Andrea F., January 2022

Gourmet Cupboard answered...January 2022

I am deeply sorry about that! I will get a claim started right away with post office. I will get a new box sent asap! Please apologize to your daughter for me!


Q: Do you ship to Canada, and how much extra duty would I have to pay to ship to Vancouver, BC?Asked by Jaimie M., December 2021

Gourmet Cupboard answered...December 2021

Let me check on what that cost would be and I will get back to you.


Q: I dont quite understand what items are actually in your box?Asked by Gemma H., May 2021

Gourmet Cupboard answered...May 2021

You will get a selection of dry mixes. Could be dip mix, pie mix, entree, soup, etc.
Each mix is handmade using only the finest gourmet ingredients at just the right proportions. Each mix includes all the dry ingredients, and you simply add one or two other ingredients such as sour cream, water, cream cheese, ground meat, etc. Our products are individually handmade in Southeast Texas and most contain no msg or preservatives.

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Jan 16, 2022
Verified Purchase
Andrea F.
1 Review
Subscribed for 26 days

I ordered this as a gift over a month ago. It was never delivered though I was charged for the item. The status continues to say it is being prepared.

Gourmet Cupboard said...Jan 16, 2022

I deeply apologize. I responded to your question to let you know that I have started a claim with usps and will send a new shipment asap. Thank you so much for your order!

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All mixes are gluten free.

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