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4.6 of 5 stars
by Tara written 3 months ago
Great items. Care is definitely put into the packaging. Customer Service is over the top fantastic also. I sent a msg after 6pm Saturday night with a renewal question and thanking them for the awesome box. I received a reply within 30 minutes.
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Best Family Box
by Jamie written 3 months ago
We love our Growing Roots Subscription! I have had so much fun opening each box with the kids. I especially loved the Thankfulness box that contained so many different ways to encourage gratitude and giving in our lives. Thanks so much for this awesome subscription! My kids get so excited when they see a new one on our doorstep!
First and Last box
by Briana written 3 months ago
Was really excited to receive this after reading reviews and seeing past boxes and then I opened my first box. Disappointing to say the least, and really not worth the price. Everything I received maybe added up to 20$. On to the next one...
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GrowingRoots said...
3 months ago
Briana, Sorry that you were disappointed in the Growing Roots Box. Our subscription box is more than a box of products delivered to parent’s door each month, it is a gift that empowers parents and caregivers to support and nurture their child’s emotional well-being as well as their own. Each box is carefully curated around a connection or bonding theme, whether it is a tradition or a holiday or a developmental milestone. Each box includes a research-based idea or strategy, supported by products that enable the parents to put the strategy into action. We believe that Growing Roots is an opportunity to create connections and a tool for building happy, healthy families.
 I’m a mother of two, a teacher and certified high school counselor for over a decade. My experiences with children and parents has taught me that strong family bonds are essential to children becoming independent and capable adults. It’s the bonds that we have with our family that provide us with the confidence to stand on our own. That’s why I created the Growing Roots box, a monthly subscription box dedicated to establishing and nurturing a family’s social and emotional development. Lastly, we strive to source our products from small shops at fair prices and donate a book to a child with every purchase. In addition, we stay connected to our community of families by providing advice and ideas through social media. Sorry, that the Growing Roots Box was not the right fit for you. Hope you do find a box that is perfect for you and your family.
by Jenipher written 3 months ago
I bought this for one of my employees as a thank-you for all her hard work. She was so excited about the box when she got the email that it was on it's way. The anticipation was so fun! When it arrived she was thrilled! She sent me pictures of the contents and her kids loved all the stuff, evident by the smiling faces! Thank you Growing Roots for your speedy shipping and all the communication back and forth! Excellent company! Anyone "on-the-fence" can rest assured Growing Roots won't disappoint!
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by Raine written 4 months ago
Bought a box to send as a birthday present to a friend who was 9 months pregnant. She was overjoyed and sent me photos of her stuff, and it fit her personality EXACTLY. The customer service was excellent, and there was a bonus, beautifully handwritten birthday card. I'm going to be buying these as presents from now on.
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Great way to keep in touch!
by Abby written 5 months ago
I send this as a gift to my best friend and her baby every month across the country. It let's me feel like I get to be a part of the little one's life as she grows up even though I can't physically be there! Thank you Christina for your quick reply to my email this morning!
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Amazing products!
by Nikki written 6 months ago
I have had my fair share of subscription box services, but Growing Roots takes the cake! The products are unique and of quality mostly supporting small businesses (and who doesn't love supporting small business??!!). I love looking forward to what we'll be receiving and my children get so excited when they see the box on the doorstep! It truly is quality, fun for all ages. We love Growing Roots!
GREAT idea!
by Christie written 7 months ago
This box is definitely a highlight of my month. I love the idea of getting a box that is designed to help people invest in their families. It's filled with super practical items, advice, games, and ideas for making family a priority. The best part- my husband was critical at first when I told him I had subscribed to this. He thought it would be a waste of money and that I was just collecting "things that we didn't need and would just collect dust around the house". Well after two boxes so far, he is now excited about this too! He said it was great idea to invest our money in something that brings our family together. He said it's totally worth it. I'd say that's a win! :D
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5 Stars for high quality and fun
by NikiBidinger written 7 months ago
I've done a few different subscription boxes and this is the first that both the kids and I get excited about. High quality products, many made by small family owned shops, that a mom (or dad) can really feel good about using and fun activities for the kids that create family memories. These boxes are thoughtfully curated to really incorporate the whole family and I would highly recommend.
by Cathy written 9 months ago
I really love the new box! I can't wait to use the bedtime chart with my kids. What a great idea!!
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