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DigIn is a great monthly subscription for growing and preparing fresh healthy meals 365 days a year

$24.99+ / month
Product Overview
  • DigIn ships on the 15th of each month. All orders for shipping on the 15th need to be placed by 5pm on the 10th of each month. Any orders received after 5pm on the 10th of the month will be shipped on the 15th of the following month.
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
DigIn monthly box subscription, grow and eat fresh
DigIn is a subscription box for everyone who has ever wanted to grow and prepare fresh healthy meals at home. DigIn provides you wth everything related to growing your food and preparing fresh healthy meals every month: Seeds Gardening products Culinary tools Spices Oils Gardening experts Chef Diane Henderiks and recipes to make you cook
  • Different vegetables, herbs, micro greens and culinary tools and products every month
  • Expert gardening and culinary coaching
  • Grow and prepare more than $600 worth of vegetables, herbs and micro greens each year!
  • Chef Diane Henderiks culinary coaching makes preparing great meals as easy as 123
  • Learn2Grow.com is one of the premier gardening sites in the world and has everything from vegetables and herbs to landscape designs and ideas along with the most accurate plant database in the world

Subscriber Reviews

Worth 1 star...but not worth $25/mo.

by Marco, Jan 27, 2018

After the novelty of getting a mystery box in the mail passes, I could go to the dollar store, spend $5, and feel more rewarded and got a better value than the contents of the box. I feel they are desperate to throw junk in there, such as the TWO chip clips i got, plus the powdered cocoa, just to make sure it contains enough stuff. For me, it's about well thought out, interesting items...and this box didn't pass that test. Far from it.

Verified Purchase
Dig-In Online said...
Jan 30, 2018
Marco I appreciate your comments about your Dig In products and feel you may be missing some of the real benefits of the Subscription. It's not ALL about the novelties or tools you received. Its about the hundreds of dollars of fresh seed to table vegetables and herbs you will grow. Its about the online support of Learn2Grow.com to help people grow anything they can think of and be a success at it. Lastly, I believe that when you have an expert chef combined with fresh healthy food to create amazing meals all year, you will look back and say yes I may have gotten a few things I didn't much care for or can't use but I have been able to successfully grow my own food and with the ideas and help of Chef Diane I have created meals I would have normally bought in a restaurant. So I believe there are many more benefits then there are negatives. Again thank you for your feedback and our team is looking into these thoughts immediately.
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