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4.3 of 5 stars
Nothing received
by Ashley written Aug 05, 2018
I have paid for two subscriptions and yet to receive anything. I cancelled due to not receiving anytjing for the money spent.
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Zero Stars - No box, No refund
by Casey written Jul 12, 2018
I ordered a box as a birthday gift in May....it is mid July and nothing has arrived. I've reached out multiple times and have has no response at all. HalfBloodPrints - please issue me a full refund!!!!
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Buyer Beware!!
by Amanda written Jul 11, 2018
I placed an order the middle of May. We are in July at this point and I have not received the first box. I went ahead and cancelled the next subscription due to no response from customer service for the first delay. Do not recommend this one unless you want to wait 3 months to get your shipment.
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Shipping issues
by Stephanie written Jul 09, 2018
Charged twice , zero boxes. Reached out twice , no reply.
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by Hannah written Feb 28, 2018
I love this box. I've really been enjoying new variety of items and fandom included. So excited to see what the rest of the year brings.
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Great box!
by Holli written Feb 28, 2018
I love this sub box. So many beautiful items, and the shirts are sooo comfortable!
by Lisa written Feb 28, 2018
This subscription is AMAZING!! Every detail is so well thought out!! I have LOVED every single month I’ve received even the themes that I’m not particularly a fan of have still been so incredible I highly recommend you subscribe!!!
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I freaking LOVE this box!!
by Ashley written Feb 28, 2018
This is such an awesome box!! You can tell that every piece is lovingly picked and thought out. Subscribe now!! You won’t regret it!!!!
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Wonderful box!
by Amanda written Feb 28, 2018
You can tell just how much thought goes into each and every box! Everything I’ve ever received has been excellent quality and the attention to detail is impeccable! I love HBPM!
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Wow .. Thats all I should say
by serena written Dec 16, 2017
What a neat Fandom inspired type of box. My boxes theme was the comedy tv show " Parks and Recreation " . The items included: * 1 unisex t-shirt (Large) * 1. 8 x 10 print on premium heavy weight matte card stock (frames are not included!) * 1 full color bookmark * 1 die-cut sticker * 1 die-cut magnet * 1 button pin * 1 limited edition Fandom Trading Card ( April Ludgate) * A few extras : that can include stickers, postcards, and other cool items This monthly subscription was excellently curated together and really neat FANDOM related items. Great for almost anyone who likes geekie goodies , fan art, or just loves Fandom items. The prices are very reasonable, and they respond fairly quickly.
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