Handmade Home Spa Box perfect for Self Care

Treat yourself and your skin with love! Perfect self-care kit or gift by Lather and Light Co.
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Handmade Home Spa Box- Perfect Self-Care Box

Your Monthly Spa Box will arrive at your door containing luscious handmade plant-based home spa bath goodies. This may include soaps, scrubs, bath teas, candles, body butters, bath salts, bath bombs, salves, lip balms, & surprises! Each month will be a different theme and each box will contain 3-5 handcrafted items. It's a nourishing treat!

  • All-natural vegan ingredients
  • Made to order in small batches
  • Scented with essential oils
  • Free shipping in the US
  • Handmade with aloha in Hawaii

Sneak Peek

Photo of Handmade Home Spa Box perfect for Self Care current box November Sage-Juniper Berry Spa Box

November Sage-Juniper Berry Spa Box

These beautiful items are scented with juniper berry and clary sage. Juniper berry has a woody, clean scent and can be grounding and calming. Clary sage is also wood and herbal and said to be calming, soothing and balancing. The combination is wintery and quite nice. This month you’ll get a body balm, a soy wax candle, a nourishing soap, and an oatmeal bath (close up on the left side- it comes in a bag you can toss in the bath and remove later for easy clean-up).

Order by November 30th to get this box!


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Past boxes from Handmade Home Spa Box perfect for Self Care

October Cinnamon-Vanilla Chai Spa Box

October Cinnamon-Vanilla Chai Spa Box

This box is perfect for Fall! Your box will include a chai-scented soap, cozy cinnamon-vanilla candle, spicey chai bath tea, and luscious cinnamon-vanilla body butter.

September Chamomile Spa Box

September Chamomile Spa Box

Chamomile is said to be soothing and for body and spirit so it's perfect for a calming spa box! This box includes a lip balm, chamomile candle, chamomile bath salts, and a chamomile candle. This floral collection is perfect for a stay-at-home spa day!

August Moringa-Matcha Box

August Moringa-Matcha Box

I love tea! It's like a hug in a cup and it's this month's box theme. The items in this box contain both matcha and moringa teas and a custom blend of grounding essential oils. It starts with a bath tea, which you could also drink if you wanted to (maybe iced for summer)! The box also has a wedge of matcha-moringa soap, an oatmeal-tea gentle exfoliating scrub, and a soothing antimicrobial witch hazel spray. It's a treat! This box will ship between August 1 & 4.

July Rosemary & Mint Spa Box

July Rosemary & Mint Spa Box

This month's handmade box is themed rosemary and mint so everything has these soothing scents. The box includes a heart-shaped cold-process soap, a soy wax candle, a bentonite clay-oatmeal mask, and a hair serum. Rosemary contains antioxidants. It's said to relieve stress and uplift. It's also great for hair growth! Peppermint is said to be cooling and may be energizing. The combination is refreshing. This box is great for self-care or a gift

June Charcoal & Lavender Box

June Charcoal & Lavender Box

This month's box is Activated Charcoal and Lavender themed. It includes a charcoal-lavender cold process soap, a charcoal-lavender sugar scrub, and a lavender-coconut milk milk bath. The soap is infused with lavender tea and buds and it's layered with charcoal. The sugar scrub is made with charcoal, coconut sugar & coconut oil. The milk bath is made of dried coconut milk & salts. All 3 are scented with lavender and tea tree eo. This box ships between June 1 & 4

May Sea-Salt & Flowers Spa Box

May Sea-Salt & Flowers Spa Box

This box includes rose bath salts, a sea salt luffa soap, a floral candle, & floral tea. The bath salts have Himalayan & Dead Sea salts. They also have rose petals & jasmine flowers & they're jasmine scented. The sea salt luffa soap is made with local seawater. It's lemon-lavender-peppermint scented. The floral tea is a soothing combination of rose petals & chamomile. The candle's scent is lemon-lavender-tea tree. This box is perfect for your stay home self-care!

April Self Care Home Spa Box

April Self Care Home Spa Box

Everything in this box is handmade with all-natural vegan ingredients. This month, your box includes a soy wax candles with a wooden wick scented with essential oils, a Himalayan salt scrub with a biodegradable spoon, a luscious non-greasy body butter, a handmade soap, and lots of love. I can't wait to share this with you!

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