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Know your size, they won't change it

Oct 31, 2021
Caitlin D.
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I ordered this box for my brother as a Christmas gift and I wasn't certain what size to get him. After reading the seller's answered questions, one of which was could the shirt size be changed later- to which the answer what yes- I took a guess at his size and ordered a subscription. However, I guessed wrong and we needed a size bigger, which I figured wouldn't be a problem since the seller had said the size could be changed. I sent the seller 2 messages before giving up and they never responded to me nor was his shirt size ever changed. So while he did like the shirts, he couldn't actually enjoy the shirts since they were the wrong size and I couldn't ever get it changed for him through contacting the seller.

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Happy Family Clothing said...Nov 10, 2021

We gladly change sizes & shipping addresses anytime when requested. Cratejoy also allows subscribers to update these items directly on their subscription. We reached out to Caitlin and offered to send an entire new subscription worth of tees in any size needed but did not receive a reply.