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by Happy Legs Club
Premium razors & shave soap delivered directly to your door for as low as $6/month

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The HAPPY Shave Club for Women

Why pay for overpriced flimsy razors from the supermarket? Or waste time going to two different places to buy razors for you and razors for him? Introducing Happy Legs Club! Get razors and organic shave soap for you and him all in one place, delivered right to your door.
  • Convenient: Stop getting stuck in the shower with a dull blade! We'll send them directly to your door.
  • Affordable: As little as $6/month
  • Quality: Premium women's & men's razors and organic shave soaps in essential oil blends
  • A shave club for women - and the women who buy razors for men!

Customer Questions (3)


Q: When is my subscription billed?Asked by Christopher C., September 2020

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Q: When is my subscription going to be shipped?Asked by Christopher C., September 2020

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Q: What is the last day that I can subscribe to get this month's box?Asked by Christopher C., September 2020

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Reviews (25)

11 days since I ordered.

Apr 10, 2020
Heather B.
1 Review

Have not received my order or even an email saying it’s been shipped.

Not received yet

Apr 04, 2020
Verified Purchase
Tiffany D.
1 Review
Subscribed for 2 months

Hard to review if I haven’t even received the item!

5 star!

Jan 16, 2020
Verified Purchase
Lucy D.
2 Reviews
Subscribed for 10 months

Great box! Such a treat to receive in the mailbox! always On schedule and no hassle shopping for a needed item. Thank you! Lucy


Jul 16, 2019
Verified Purchase
Tif C.
2 Reviews
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 2 months

If you are into sadomasochism then this is the right razor for you! Like shaving with a straight razor. I've been in the military and have actually dry shaved with a bowie knife, which rendered less razor burn, nicks and cuts. This was truly horrible. No flex to the blade, "moisture" strip is laughable (my spit has more moisture), handle gets waaaaay slippery if you use a gel to shave with and cartridges get clogged with your skin because they scrape instead of float.

May 15, 2019
Verified Purchase
Amber C.
1 Review
2 Helpful
Subscribed for 2 months

My first 2 cartridges broke during their first use.

Never received/Customer Service awful

Apr 26, 2019
Verified Purchase
Shireen K.
1 Review
9 Helpful
Subscribed for 3 years

I don’t know about the product itself because I never received them. I contacted customer service and was told to contact the post office, which I did. They directed me back to the company. All I wanted was to have the shipment resent, but despite multiple emails to Happy Legs, I never received a response. No reshipment, no refund, absolutely no response at all.
I ended up canceling. It was not worth the headache

Great Razors

Jul 22, 2018
Verified Purchase
Joelle T.
2 Reviews
3 Helpful
Subscribed for 2 years

I am pleased with these razors. I am always trying to find a razor that works with sharp precision without leaving razor burn or wearing out after one use. So far these razors do not disappoint. I have been using them for about 6 months before reviewing.
I really hate buying razors due to the cost vs my perceived value , so the auto delivery has been perfect for me.

So Disappointing

Sep 20, 2018
Shosh B.
1 Review
1 Helpful

I wanted to love this razor, but from the moment I got it, nothing about it reflected the reviews. When trying to attach the razor blade, the first two blades broke into two pieces before a third finally attached. This razor cut me in various places - I don't think I've had a razor cut since I was about 13 years old. I have three bandaids on my legs currently after using this razor. In addition, it's not nearly as close and smooth of a shave as the Venus razor, which I will be going back to now that I realize how sub-par this and most other razors are. I'm sorry to have to give such a negative review, but it feels like the other reviews must be fake because of how poor the quality of this razor is.

Fantastic Value

Mar 08, 2018
Kaitlin K.
1 Review
1 Helpful

they are great razors at a great price and its even better that they come to me and never have to worry about running out!

Sensitive razor not so sensitive

May 13, 2018
Verified Purchase
Jennifer C.
1 Review
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 3 months

The razor handle has a very nice weight to it but broke out in a rash from the new blade. The strip was way to small of lotion needed to be bigger in my opinion.

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