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Love this razor and blades
by Shayleigh written 7 months ago
I received my 8 week happy legs package today, this is my first order. I was so very happy to see the UPS guy I ran out as soon as I seen him heading for my walkway. I knew exactly what it was! The box it's shipped it is adorable to say the least and to think I've been throwing money away on every razor i could get my hands on and that includes electric which, only ripped my legs apart! I am keeping my fingers crossed as I am very pleased with my first shave and I hate hair! I won't do electrolysis because it scars and doesn't gaurentee enough. You'll pay thousands of dollars for hair to eventually grow back and not to mention it's very painful as I have two friends who have done the procedure and all reoccurring follow ups and they aren't so satisfied with the procedure. I look forward to keeping Happy Legs updated with my findings. I can say I have not ever had a better shave. I cleaned the blade very well ensuring to remove all hair and ensured it was properly dry before returning it too my shaving kit. So far so good!
Super nice
by Mama written 7 months ago
Great shave. Handle is super nice to grip and the blades are nice and sharp.
by Heather written 8 months ago
I couldn't wait to use it this morning! And I am not disappointed I love it thank you💕
by Alicia written 9 months ago
These are amazing, great shave and shipped to me.
by Eva written 9 months ago
I like the high quality razor and I just used it. My legs are smooth like never before.I enjoy it!
by Kristina written 9 months ago
Fast shipping, pretty razors, and I love that on the razor head boxes there's like little sayings and quotes to make you smile. Overall best razor decision I've made.
by Stacey written 10 months ago
I love them!!
by Michelle written 10 months ago
Fast shipping, durable, sharp, pretty razor and packaging!
by Karel written 10 months ago
I ordered this for my daughter as oddly as it sounds I can't remember her email address when I get it I will leave it with you you can send her a correspondence in the mail with the box and ask her to get back to you I'm six foot one I climb trees for 20 years took trees down cut trees down cell that should tell you what my body looks like
by jodie written 10 months ago
Prompt delivery