Happy Rebel Box
A quarterly subscription box for women with a modern and edgy sense of style.

$100.00+ / 3 months

Subscriber Reviews

5.0 of 5 stars
Love it
by Elizabeth written 4 months ago
I ordered a seasonal box and a past box and loved both. I had a question and the seller contacted me right away. The items were high end and presentation was great. All around I love this subscription box, I think there's a lot of work and thought put into planning these out. I plan on upgrading to a yearly subscription.
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Best subscription box ever
by Elyse written 8 months ago
I just received my first box and even if I knew what was coming (I ordered a past box) I was super happy about what I got. The items are high end and it instantly made my apartment feel more like home. The items fit my aesthetic completely. I love it and I highly recommend it !!
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great summer box
by Sherrie written 8 months ago
Love the bag, I will use that a lot this fall on weekend trips. The Peppermint/Lemon oil is awesome. Helps my living room (I have dogs) to smell really nice. The hair band and bracelet I really love and plan on wearing this weekend to a baseball game. SO far I like this subscription box.
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Summer 2017
by Krista written 10 months ago
This was a great box. I really liked the theme. The bag is super cute, the hair tie bracelet is perfect, the water bottle is cool even though we all have 100 water bottles, the aromatherapy spray smells AWESOME, and the headband is very nice quality. The customer service is great with Happy Rebel. This is top to bottom my favorite box going.
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Best subscription box..period!
by Pam written 10 months ago
I love the surprise of subscription box. I have given so many a try, and FINALLY I have found the perfect one! The Happy Rebel Box is the first box that I've received, that after opening I never have a "give away" pile. I always love everything, and in fact, it's the first box that doesn't seem to "copy" off other boxes. I mean how many pairs of sunglasses that I will never wear can I get? I love being exposed to different brands that I've never heard of. In the summer 2017 box, the water bottle is one of my favorite things I've ever received from any box. The flask shape and weightlessness is so great that I went on the Happy Rebel website and ordered a couple more as gifts. The black duffle included in the summer box is fantastic also. The curators of this box have great style and it shows in each and every season! Thank you Happy Rebel, I can wait for the Fall 2017 box.
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Summer 2017 is another hit!
by Stacey written 10 months ago
Summer 2017 is my third Happy Rebel box and I can safely say that this is my favorite sub! Each of the last three boxes have been fantastic - a balance of unique and quality items, value, creative curation and cohesive within the box itself. I look forward to receiving this box and it's the one (out of many I subscribe to) where I like/use each item. For instance, this season's box... the bag and pouch are perfect for the gym or weekends away. It's big enough that it will work for a weekend, but not huge and bulky. And it has excellent touches like the specialized Happy Rebel label on the vegan leather inside panel. And the shoe pouch where you unzip it and slide the shoes in from the outside but they go into a pocket inside the bag so they don't mess up your clothing. Attention to detail. The hair tie/bracelet... my (far more stylish) cousins are all jealous, apparently these are a thing right now. The water bottle... they seem to be a popular sub box item just now but this one/brand is different - which is what I'm looking for (to be exposed to new brands I wouldn't have otherwise heard of). It's not a big heavy thing and I can toss it in my purse without adding five pounds. It's shaped like a flake which makes me laugh. The spray... it's just a fresh scent. I didn't "need" this, but I like it. It makes me happy. And the hair band. This adjustable style is the only one that doesn't give me a headache and the black/white marble pattern fits the curation. All in all, love it!
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Lifestyle Box Like No Other!
by Amy written 10 months ago
There are several $100 subscription boxes out there and Happy Rebel is at the top of subscription Boxes! Winter 2016 was great, I passed on Spring 2016 but I recently received my Summer 2017 box and it is AMAZING! The curation is cohesive and well planned. Summer 2017 featured a fabulous collection of items all planned out of the theme "Sporty Chic" ! I love the Edgy Modern Style. You get a choice on some products. And you can skip a month if a particular there is not to your taste@ Customer Service is superb, the box well curated around a there, and Shipping is on time! I loved the Summer 2017 box and I can't wait to see the theme for Autumn 2017!
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None better!
by Janie written 10 months ago
Unique items that I would never have thought to buy myself but absolutely love everything received! Happy Rebel quickly became my favorite box and that's really saying something since I've subscribed to over 40 different boxes within the past two years! Also, their customer service is the best I've received from any lifestyle box!
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The Best $100 Subscription Box
by Katie written 10 months ago
I have been a subscriber to Happy Rebel Box since the Summer of 2016 and I have been amazed at how well curated the box is. The items chosen are high quality and work well together and separately. Nothing feels cheap or thrown together which is a huge draw for me. In fact, I use a lot of the products I have received from Happy Rebel on a daily basis. Additionally, the custom service is the best in the business and I am thrilled that a portion of the proceeds go to a charity each quarter. I love this box!
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My favorite subscription box!
by Michelle written last year
Happy Rebel Box makes me a very happy rebel (in my mind anyway). Everything included is always top notch, the inclusions are always creative and truly useful, the packaging is lovely, and the customer service is wonderful. They often let you make some personal selections within your box which I really love. Overall, great brand, great box.
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