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Goddess Box by Harmonie Skye

Box of metaphysical goodies delivered to your doorstep every month!

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  • The ordering window for Goddess Box by Harmonie Skye is open from the 5th of the month through the last day of the month, or until the boxes are sold out. The boxes are then shipped around the 10th of the following month.
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Goddess Box by Harmonie Skye
Goddess Box by Harmonie Skye is a celebration of the metaphysical journey! Goddess are treated to a monthly themed delivery of supportive and engaging metaphysical delights, intended to promote and support you no matter where you are on your path.
  • Up to 10 items per box
  • Full and sample products
  • A different theme each month
  • Monthly activities and/or rituals
  • Affirmations in each box
Subscriber Reviews
5.0 of 5 stars
February Full Goddess Box [Love]
by Celina written 9 days ago
I have been subscribed to the full Goddess Box by Harmonie Skye since July 2015. I have tried a few metaphysical boxes, but this box is one of only two subscription boxes I have loved enough to keep long term. I've absolutely loved every box I have received from Harmonie Skye; the value and care she puts into curating these boxes never ceases to amaze me. That said, February's theme was 'Love' and the featured goddess this month was Freya. Inside my full goddess box were the following items: - A heart shaped affirmation card specifically chosen for me (affirmations cards are included every month and I have always received a message that was relevant to my current situation and connected with how I was feeling that month) - Hem cone incense in the scent The Moon. Hem is my favorite incense company and these cones smelled amazing; light and floral with a hint a amber. - A wooden, circular incense burner featuring a burned goddess design. This incense burner has a brass plate for cone incense and an outer ring of nine holes for incense sticks. - A cute bumper sticker with the phrase "Love Heals" - A pink beeswax candle for love, handcrafted and made with essential oils. This candle has a cute rolled honeycomb design and smells lovely. - Love bath salts (5oz) by Azure Green, charged for ritual use. I was so happy to see this, as I don't do any spiritual work without first preparing myself via ritual bathing. - Freya Oil by Aura Accord. A scented oil inspired by the Norse goddess Freya, a goddess of love, fertility, beauty, magick, and war. She is frequently invoked to aid in matters of love and fertility, making this oil a wonderful addition to love spells. This oil can also be used to seek peace for the fallen, with the field of Folkvangr to which she took half of those who died in battle, or seek empowerment for your ritual magic and spells. - A rose quartz angel. A pocket sized polished rose quartz carved in the likeness of an angel. I love gemstones and even more so when they are combined with symbology. - A heart stone carving. This heart was carved out of pink Himalayan salt and is huge! It's very beautiful and has a polished surface. Himalayan salt purifies the air and neutralizes the electromagnetic radiation emitted by electronic devices. It's a wonderful addition to an altar or, as I will be using it, a work space! Harmonie Skye also includes great information on each of the products and their potential uses in spiritual practice. Also included this month was a lovely pamphlet on the goddess Freya. Overall, a great box!
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by Amy written 9 days ago
I was excited to receive my goddess box. I loved the items inside. All themed for the month of February with the Goddess Freya. It is really hard to make a decision as to which was my favorite item but listed are my favorites in the box: the Himalayan salt rock heart and rose quartz angel really spoke to me. The incense was heavenly and the Freya scented essential oil was awesome. Overall the box is a great experience. Looking forward to next month's box. Namaste
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February Love Box
by Cheryl written 10 days ago
Absolutely love my February box. Every month is very special and intuitively created and this month to celebrate the love month was incredible. Thank you!
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